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A movie that starts out with a strong premise just rapidly deteriorates into nothingness... The concept of 7 different filmmakers tackling this project was a lofty one, and the plot loosely stays together for the most part. The plot holes though sort of ruin things - like why all of these "film students" would participate in the Fear Factor-like challenges in the first place just to win some imaginary contest between the girls. That and of course the ending which just seems to mess up any consistent plot as all is finally revealed about why the guys are trying to raise money - another groaner plot twist. Not a bad waste of time but their are plenty of other good movies out there to see.

Zachary Long
Zachary Long

The title of See You in You Tube is a little deceiving, since You Tube is only a small part of the story. That shouldn't disappoint you because after you see this, you will agree with me when I say that the title is very appropriate.

The plot is an interesting one and it will grab many a people's attention. 10 students split into two teams of 5 and challenge each other at various challenges. To make it even better, the challenges are being caught on camera. The first half an hour is so-so. It is all about character development and plot buildup. The last 15 minutes aren't all that fantastic either. That just leaves the middle hour for the challenges and this is what you want to watch.

The challenges are pretty outrageous. A couple examples include stealing food from other people's plate and buying a gold necklace while wearing a terrorist/robber uniform. The thing about the challenges is that they leave you wanting more.

The camerawork is a little shaky and amateurish. This is a little disappointing, but once again, you will agree with me when I say that it is appropriate. The graveyard challenge scenes are all shot in night vision and that is a nice touch.

This film is classified as a comedy and that is what it mostly is. It does try other things though, including martial arts, drama, romance, and horror/suspense.

Elanne Kwong and Janice Man do a good job at leading this movie and the rest of the cast do their jobs as well.

See You in You Tube may not be all that you expect, but it is better than your average movie. Give it a try if you get the chance.

JY Skacto
JY Skacto

Super Reviewer

See You In Youtube was put together by 7 film students from around Hong Kong. The result is a plot that, honestly, belongs in Youtube. A group of 10 students are split in two teams and they have to challenge each other in crazy challenges, such as "get food from someone's plate" or "sing a song at a funeral". Most of the challenge footage, though, looks suspiciously authentic, which only helps the film. The overall camerawork will piss you off at first (almost all hand-held), but as you go on and the directors' intent becomes more apparent, you mind it less. There is a thin romantic plot, made to drive the movie along, but it is easily ignored. There are also romantic sub-plots between the minor characters that go nowhere. The only thing carrying the film are the team challenges. Also, it seems to go the Korean route later on, turning into straight-up drama... or does it? Ah, it's worth a watch.

Bancho  Libre
Bancho Libre

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