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March 24, 2017
Did care for this one. Wasn't really funny a d basically had no plot.
March 18, 2017
This is a seriously underrated film. Funny and sweet in all the right places. Sad as fuck. Good dialogue, editing, and camera work. Don't at me.
½ March 16, 2017
At least Amy Schumer was only in a little part of this horror flick that is why it got the half star
½ March 11, 2017
The absurd dark comedy of the beginning gives way to a typical and slightly disappointing schmaltzy ending. But I was laughing so much through the first half.
½ February 11, 2017
Shoot me, but it's beautiful. It's everything one needs for consoling. Or in need for a laugh. I loved it for the second time even better.
February 10, 2017
Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley co-star in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. As the title suggests, the end of the world is near, and Carrell is Dodge and he is simply wants to find a friend before the World ends. He has 21 days, and his wife has left him in a panic. He meets people, but all of them seem to be only interested in having orgies, drinking or doing drugs before the worlds demise. He hopes for something a little more meaningful.

He meets his neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley) and the two begin talking. She gives him the mail that she has been hoarding of his over the past 3 years, and one of them happens to be a letter from a girl Dodge once loved. She feels bad and the two set off to find his high school sweetheart. They meet quite a few characters along the way, ranging from a man who is assassinated for a suicide, people who party, and many who have simply given up on life. As the two journey, together they begin to bond and begin to realize everything they are both looking for may very well be right in front of them.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World was a good enough film. It was interesting to see how all the different people react to the world's end. This includes everything from looting, to drinking, to self-loathing to suicide. Quite a few people just went on with their daily lives as if nothing else would change or matter anyway. Carrell and Knightley are well cast and they had good chemistry together. Although the film is advertised as a comedy, and in some ways, it is, it is not a laugh out loud type of movie. It's a bit more of a dark comedy and Carrell seems pretty set on being cast as these sorts of morose characters looking for direction in life. There was not a particularly moment in the movie that really grabbed me or had me really endearing or liking the main characters, but their adventure was pleasant enough. Perhaps knowing they may also be at the fate of the world's end keeps one from truly being attached to the characters themselves.

February 6, 2017
Really enjoyed it. The humor was perfect in timing and tone for me. The optimism in the main plot line really aligned with my beliefs, and I liked that they left a lot up to mystery. That said, I didn't care for the main plot as much as I was in love with the universe the film created. Every secondary character and location and circumstance was great. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that a lot of people didn't enjoy it because they didn't get that one of the points of the film is that the characters are unimportant and that everything that happens pales in comparison to armageddon. It's not about the ending, it's about the journey.

And of course, like everything T.J.'s in, he steals the show. Not surprised.
January 25, 2017
An interesting and daring take on the romantic comedy genre. Steve Carell and Keira Knightley both acted well and created amazing chemistry. Sadly, the direction was pretty mediocre and everything seemed a little rushed. Not to mention this trend throughout the film where things just happens for no logical reason
January 13, 2017
not great but charming. tragically underwhelming ending. this is one of those films that should have decided early on whether it was going to be a comedy or drama. it doesn't survive as both.
December 24, 2016
If you can get past the type cast of Steve Carell, "funny man" and the weird carbon copy of
Kieran Knightley's character to Portman's character in Garden State.
It is a good film that has a simple premise, a journey of two people to be with their loved ones before the imminent end of the world. The character that we follow are very every day and relatable.

With a lot of subtle events that happen around the protagonists,
that shows the different ways people would handle such an event really made me think:
"how would I handle the end of the world?"
- Would I go into denial, act like everything is normal by going to work and pretend everything is ok
hide in a bunker in a shed of bake beans etc.
Like Taken, the film does what the title says so how can you be disappointed?
Super Reviewer
December 23, 2016
This movie should not be sold as a comedy, for it is actually the most depressing movie of the year, and the problem lies in fact in its abrupt shifts in tone and a disastrous attempt at being both a cute road movie and a profound love story, leading to an awful ending.
December 13, 2016
Loaded with the great chemistry between Keira Knightley and Steve Carell, Seeking A Friend is a sweet and emotional film, even when its story is somewhat uneven with the pacing.
December 4, 2016
Not really sure what the point of this was. A wake up call about all the time we waste? A live in the moment thing? I did enjoy it and it made me cry, but overall left with a kind of what's it all about feeling. Certainly not a waste of time though
November 30, 2016
I LOVED this movie. I have no idea how it only has a 55% rating. As far as the "disappointing final act" mentioned in the Critics Consensus, I have no fucking clue who these "critics" are. The final act was fantastic, especially the very final scene, which is *very* moving. This movie is, at its core, about human relationships and how life's meaning is derived from them. It's very funny and clever, but at the same time very poignant and moving. It stayed with me for weeks after I saw it. Best movie I have seen in a long time.
November 28, 2016
I was not dissapointed in this movie or in the mixed ratings it must have received to earn the rotten tomato rating. In fact, I watched it twice and was just as taken with the characters and the nuanced performances of the cast as I was of the courage it took the director and editors to present such a consistently human vision of what a world that knows its days are numbered might actually look like. "Tender, charming, and well-acted", yes, "hamstrung by jarring tonal shifts and a dissapointing final act", not if the movie is meant to paint both a literal and metaphoric picture of the seeming fickleness of time, love, and space. That said, most people prefer their end of the world comedy/romances served with safety and a side of predictability. I'll take mine with jarring shifts and a giant asteroid exploding into the final act. How many tomatos can I give this?
November 26, 2016
Slightly strange, but funny and beautiful. There are times when Carell and Knightley are a little awkward on screen together, but for the most part the two leads play off of each other well, imho.
November 20, 2016
- I decided to watch this one again as I was in the mood for a Steve Carrell film and wanted a comedy, I had forgotten how depressing the story of this film is. It is funny in parts, and I did enjoy it again but it is such tricky tone to pull off as it is essentially about the end of the world. But there are some really touching moments such as Keira Knightley calling her parents and Steve Carrell reconciling with his absentee father played by Martin Sheen. The critics don't seem to agree with me, but sometimes that's just the way it is. I really like Carrell and Knightley in this and they make it worth watching.

- I liked this one a lot. It had some moments where I laughed out loud and I was interested in the story. i am a big fan of Steve Carrell so that helped, but it was nice seeing in something other than a period piece...and she's pretty quirky and funny. Give it a try!
½ November 10, 2016
Funny, poignant and heartfelt, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World features a delightfully offbeat take on the apocalypse and charming performances from Steve Carell and Keira Knightley.
½ October 24, 2016
A pretty depressing love story. But at least they had a happy ending. One can only hope when it's the end of the world.
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