The Isle Reviews

October 8, 2004
It's the safest of bets that this is one Asian film that won't get a Hollywood remake.
June 29, 2003
Sushi for the connoisseurs of the macabre.
December 8, 2002
Be forewarned, if you're depressed about anything before watching this film, you may just end up trying to drown yourself in a lake afterwards.
August 26, 2002
Too restrained to be a freak show, too mercenary and obvious to be cerebral, too dull and pretentious to be engaging...The Isle defies an easy categorization.
August 23, 2002
Once [Kim] begins to overplay the shock tactics and bait-and-tackle metaphors, you may decide it's too high a price to pay for a shimmering picture postcard.
August 19, 2002
Its juxtaposition of overwrought existentialism and stomach-churning gore will have you forever on the verge of either cracking up or throwing up.
August 8, 2002
Kim Ki-Deok seems to have in mind an (emotionally at least) adolescent audience demanding regular shocks and bouts of barely defensible sexual violence to keep it interested.
February 27, 2002