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March 30, 2012
After watching this movie first question on my mind was: Who is producing these movies?... Why? Well, if I was putting my money in something I'll be sure that I'll get something back - and this "piece of art" could not earn you anything! And after that I found out that this action thriller was actually produced by Vladimir Rajcic - he wrote it, he got (or took) the role of the main character and hired Brent Huff to direct a movie... and reading their biographies I'll have to say, these guys are not inexperienced, that's a fact, but together they didn't do much.

The story is set in Belgrade, Chicago and the Kosovo - province which is now recognised by some countries as an independent colony of NATO, and chronicles the complicated relationship of two estranged brothers - one adopted and another one born in a marriage of a Serbian father and Chinese mother. The adopted one used to be a soldier when the father, who was a scientist for the government, send the younger boy and his mother to USA... OK... that is where my problem starts with the story and after that just builds up... or worst... digs a hole...

I understand everything in this story but not many things make sense... like for start: how did they managed to send to US a Chinese citizen wife with a child of a scientist who was on a terrorist list (that's what the CIA agents said in the movie) during the war between NATO and old Yugoslavia - I cannot figure it out ... Try to get a TRANSIT VISA and you'll see what I mean... the story is like a Swiss cheese - full with holes - analyse it from any direction, still the same! Later that soldier ventures to America in search of his long lost brother, unaware that his brother may hold the key to a devastating weapon their father developed, and that a terrorist now desires.

Oh... I forgot to say... the soldier is in love with a Muslim girl... they live in Belgrade, but somehow her mother thinks that they live behind enemy lines saying: Christians are our enemies... I wasted too much time on this film... watching it and writing about it. There is so many better things to do: I'll go to change my son's nappy!
½ June 6, 2010
one of the worst movie's i saw lately, total crap, i know that Madson have lots of stupid roles and B production movies but this is totaly the shitest one,
who actin was terrible, story is stupid and naive and in start know what will happend .... serbo-american coorporation movie damn crap crap crap crap

oh should mention that Sergej Trifunovic was worst of all, he totaly sucked......

whole movie suck

don't watch it, better stare in the sun for 1hourse n 30 mins then in this crap .... damn where was my mind............ ill never forgive my self caue i watched this

oh and im sorry i can't rate with minus 5 stars
½ March 13, 2010
En serbisk lågbudgetfilm av guds nåde, där bl a Michael Madsen gör en parodi på sig själv från "Resrvoir Dogs" och en av karaktärerna heter Dr Zlatan.
½ March 8, 2010
Awful movie! Horrible writing, directing, acting, camera work, cinematography - razzies all around. It's too bad you cannot award negative stars!!!
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