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November 15, 2016
Not one of the better Rat Pack outings but mild fun at some points. Loose remake of Gunga Din.
½ March 13, 2016
Nicely filmmed and some suprisingly decent action sequences. Nevertheless, the Rat Packers seem abit bored by the beautiful scenery. The plot fails to capitalize on the nice production.
½ September 7, 2015
another brat pack comedy western
½ January 31, 2015
A decent rat pack movie.
½ November 3, 2013
Not into westerns and this was my first Rat Pack movie I've ever watched. Maybe I'm not the best person to judge this movie, but I didn't find it that enjoyable.
½ February 6, 2013
The Rat Pack Taming the Wild West--Sloppy western comedy with action...nearly incompetent and almost unwatchable; Gunga Din rip-off!!
½ February 26, 2012
A mostly weak film. Sammy's performance is good, but it's an incredibly poor role for him: the freed slave tagging along with a few army buddies who aren't all that friendly with each other. Meh.
January 27, 2012
I really wanted to like this because I'm a big Rat Pack fan, but I just couldn't get into this. The story is boring, the action feels too heavy (which usually isn't a bad thing but modern audiences won't be impressed by the fake punching), and the writing is very messy. Luckily, the boys of the rat pack are charming and entertaining no matter what they're doing, but the casting feels a bit mismatched although it still is fairly interesting to see these crime movie stars/jazz musicians as cowboys. But sadly, those who aren't watching this for the rat pack will find nothing but a messy, uninteresting, ordinary western.
½ June 17, 2010
by far the lamest of the Rat PAck movies at this point it was a excuse for the fellas to get together
May 27, 2010
"Sergeants 3" was John Sturges' first western after his classic oater "The Magnificent Seven," and the second remake of George Steven's immortal British military movie "Gunga Din" with Cary Grant. You can easily see why "Sergeants 3" has few of the classic qualities of "The Magnificent Seven." Frank Sinatra's Essex Productions made this comic outdoors cavalry yarn, and the first half of this 112 minute sagebrusher surpasses the second half‚??lensed primarily on Samuel Goldwyn's Hollywood sound stages with obvious backdrops. Naturally, the Rat Pack‚??Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis, Jr star in this rip-roaring fracas of a western that resembles one of John Ford's cavalry pictures. The sensational scenery around Kanab, Utah, is wonderful to look at and three-time Oscar winner Winton Hoch's widescreen cinematography proves to be a definite plus.

The action opens in the isolated town of Medicine Bend when renegade Indians belonging to a fraction called the Ghost Dancers massacre the town. Before they manage to kill everyone, the whites manage to wire the U.S. Cavalry and Col. William Collingwood (Dick Simmons) dispatches a detail of troopers under the command of Sergeant Mike Merry (Frank Sinatra of "Ocean's 11"), Sergeant Chip Deal (Dean Martin of "Some Came Running"), and Sergeant Larry Barrett (Peter Lawford of "Good News") to check things out. Our heroes arrive in time to shoot it out with the Indians and blow up some Indians. In the process, Sinatra gets to do some riding and shooting, something that he'd never done in a movie. The money scene occurs in a careening, runaway wagon when Sinatra and Martin tangle with a few Indians, and Sinatra is struck, falls off the wagon, and clings to the wagon as it drags him along and performs an abbreviated version of the famous Yakima Canutt stunt in "Stagecoach." Yes, that's really Frank Sinatra being dragged under the wagon.

The second half concerns Barrett's decision to leave the service and marry Amelia Parent (Ruta Lee) and the shenanigans of Merry and Deal to thwart his plans to wed, return to the East, and read law. One of those antics involves finding the hiding place of those savages who wiped out Medicine Bend. In the middle of all this is Jonah Williams (Sammy Davis, Jr) who desperately wants to be a trooper. Billy May's music is so tame that you could put yourself to sleep listening to it. Elmer Bernstein might have injected some life into the proceedings. The cavalry clash with the Indians and the funny ending made the second half bearable. Henry Silva is good as the villainous Mountain Hawk.
½ February 13, 2010
A remake of Gunga Din that lacks the imagination to be a good remake. The story is re-set in the West rather than India, however, many of the gags and even the lines are the same as the original. None of the Rat Pack can hold a candle to the comic genius of Cary Grant, so this story lacks the comic relief from that. Overall, a second rate movie that is made even worse if you have seen Gunga Din. My advice, avoid this movie and watch Cary Grant and company in the original.
December 17, 2008
Gunga Din as a western? Good parody-- especially Martin and Sinatra as they try to keep Lawford from getting married. And Lawford after just dropping something down the chimney . . .
Super Reviewer
November 24, 2008
This is definitely the worst film of the Rat Pack movies. 4 for Texas is my favorite, but I don't understand why it is considered a Rat Pack film since Frank and Dean are the only ones in it.

There is a lot wrong with this film. First starting with the script. It has these characters all over the place and you never have the sense that these guys were army buddies. It hurts me to say this, but fucking Sinatra is phoning this one in from Hoboken it seems like. half the time he is just staring off into space and when he does have dialogue its like acting 101 coming out of his mouth. Nobody played drunk better than Dean Martin, and in this he is doing a really awful impression of himself. Sammy Davis Jr. as the idiot black guy just trying to be part of the team is just to silly. I kept waiting for him to just slip and call Sinatra "Massa". I can not stand Peter Lawford, never have. He is not a good actor. He has a swanky british accent, thats it. Sinatra never liked Lawford and the only reason he was ever able to get into this group was because he was Frank's in to get to become friends with JFK. Same thing with Ocean's 11, he just fucking bugs me. Just a real boring Western. When it comes to Frank and Dean I can usuaslly look past it, but this movie is just that bad.

Why anyone thought Henry Silva could play an evil Indian is mind boggling.
½ July 7, 2008
Was a funny movie, but not too crazy about the "ghost dance" stuff.
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