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½ February 16, 2016
I'm a connoisseur of bad horror movies, but there are two kinds of "bad" horror movie: ones that are bad but entertaining and ones that are bad but not entertaining at all. I found Serial Slayer to fall squarely into the latter category.

First of all, there was no suspense whatsoever. None. In fact, I don't think the filmmakers even attempted to insert suspense. Second of all, the protagonists did very little except talk to each other throughout the film. Thirdly, the idea that the police couldn't find this killer who stands on rooftops even though they knew he was terrorizing one specific neighborhood is flat-out idiotic. Fourth, the writing was nothing short of dreadful; one only has to look at the dopey, illogical smoke detector stunt to see what I mean.

I went into Serial Slayer hoping to find an entertaining bad movie, but I ended up with something quite different... and not in a good way.
November 25, 2009
As far as cheap, hialrious horror movies go, this one tops the list. The acting is horrible, the lines are given poorly, and the camera work looks like it was done by an epileptic in short, I loved it.
November 19, 2008
poorly shot, decently acted, story with potenetal, shoulve been realesed as a high budget film, they worked well with what they had.
July 10, 2008
the worst movie ever. the front cover does not look like him and on the back his cross bow is tine not big. BAD ACTING
January 27, 2008
Hey guys, it's my husband's movie!
½ November 26, 2007
This is a movie about a crossbow-wielding killer who haunts the mother fucking rooftops! How fucking beautiful is that?! Student films at its finest.
November 16, 2007
looks so bad. :P :( but I want to see mary lynn
June 21, 2007
Melanie Lynskey is a great actress!! Most definitely gotta see this!
January 10, 2007
wow this looks fucking HORRIBLE
December 12, 2006
I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!
½ August 17, 2006
Pfft..what a load of shit.
July 21, 2006
awsome totally best movie ever in my whole life
½ July 6, 2006
unless a movie pops up that was shot on a cell phone, this one is going to be the leader in shitty for a long time.
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