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July 31, 2016
Saying that Se7en is a masterpiece is an understatement. This is a dark, sadistic thriller that has so many insanely unpredictable twists that you can actually miss out if you do not pay full attention. The performance from Freeman, Pitt and Spacey are fantastic and they do a great job of making us feel for the two protagonists.
½ July 30, 2016
An aging detective nears retirement. As he comes to his final week, his superior pairs him with a young partner to pursue a particularly unique serial killer. Each of this killer's victims represents one of seven deadly sins. The two detectives are on a clock to find the murderer before he kills all seven victims. It is a conflicting movie because there is so much to admire but the story itself is not what I want in a movie like this. Strong acting, storytelling and rich details take this to the point where it could be great. This movie deserves credit for pushing the grisly visuals to an extreme so that they resonate and disturb the viewer, as much as a murder scene should. David Fincher is a director who knows how to use darkness, shadows, and sound to build tension; his movies often dwell on dark stories. This movie has an aged feeling to it with washed-out gold tones, shallows that focus the attention on the characters or the subject in the foreground. Fincher forces you to read the facial expressions of the detectives in a highly effective way. At the same time, he also shoves the murder scenes in your face to achieve a repulsive visceral reaction. It does not show the violent actions, but the evidence left behind is truly terrifying. The murder and his psychosis are conceptually fascinating for a murder mystery. It moves in unexpected directions, builds an interesting sub-plot between the partners and shows intelligence and craft in the story. A nagging problem is hard to overcome is the resolution. The mystery, suspense and story all build to an exciting climax, but what happens is unfulfilling, and even unsettling. The direction is excellent and the acting performances are commendable, but when the story does not sit well it is hard to fully praise it. If dark subject matter compels you, and you appreciate an unpredictable yet unorthodox finish, then this could be a bulls-eye.
½ July 28, 2016
After the more than problematic production of the disappointing "Alien 3", David Fincher seriously considered to stop making film, but one script managed to make him return to filmmaking, and that script become the wildly known "Seven".

Set in an unspecified corrupt and gritty city, we follow a pair of detectives: Veteran William Somerset and city newcomer David Mills. This pair is assigned a case about a murder who executes people according to the seven deadly sins, so Mills and Somerset start a race against time to find the murderer before he finishes his seventh part masterpiece.

Mystery films centered on serial killers are nothing new and most of them are quite generic and forgettable, but that rule doesn't apply to Fincherīs breakthrough film. "Seven" counts with solid performance (as expected form perfectionist David Fincher), flawed characters that may lack depth but they are still interesting, a masterfully crafted gritty and disturbing atmosphere that provides a feeling of hopelessness, the visuals are shocking and unforgettable (some people may find them disturbing), the editing is kinetic and extremely effective in adding a feeling of desperation (starting from that beautifully creepy title sequence), a well written script that know how to keep the audience at the edge pf their seat, the ending is one of the most shocking and macabre Iīve ever seen (that ending is so powerful that it has being spoiled at the same level of some iconic scenes like the shower scene in "Psycho" or the prom scene in "Carrie", just to name some examples), Fincherīs perfectionist directing manages to craft a quite dark tone and holds it up until the last second of the film and his attention to details adds more power to the investigation, the villain is one of the most haunting in recent memory, a limited but striking and smart use of gore, smart storytelling that knows how to proportion or withheld information to the audiences, cinematography that manages to achieve a lot from a limited lighting and color palette, and overall is an intense experience. But regardless of all those fantastic elements, the biggest issue this film has is pacing as it drags at certain scenes and rushes at others.

"Seven" is the darkest film of Fincherīs resume but it is one of his best as it is shocking, memorable, intense and masterfully crafted. Filled with unforgettable scenes and solid performances, this is one of the best murder mysteries you can find.
½ July 24, 2016
"Se7en" is pure greatness in every performance, every conversation, every setting, and every stomach churning scare. Once you see it, most other thrillers just don't match up.
July 23, 2016
Mystery at its best.
July 19, 2016
This is one of the most horrifying movies ever made. But it doesn't just consist of violence. It has amazing performances, tense scenes, and a nail-biting finale which you won't ever forget for a very long time.

2 detectives try to hunt down a psychopath as he kills people in grotesque ways based around the seven deadly sins.

This movie contains several memorable scenes which have the tendency to knock you off guard. Besides the ending, another amazing scene is when they investigate the sloth victim. The gore is amazing but we get the jumpscare of our lives in it. I'm not going to spoil it though because otherwise I'll ruin it. Many people will agree that the ending is the best part by far. It is tense and suspenseful and it is completely unpredictable. It is one of the most memorable movie endings by far.

Also, the acting is amazing also. In my opinion, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt both give one of their best performances yet. Morgan Freeman's also gives as amazing performance and it is rivaled only by his performance in The Shawshank Redemption.

The acting worked real well because this movie did a great job with its choice of casting. Fincher probably looked at previous works of Freeman, Pitt, and Spacey's roles and he knew that they would be perfect for these roles and his casting choices really paid off.

As much I want to give this movie a 10, there are a few scenes which I felt carried on a bit too long or were more slower-paced than the rest of the movie. There weren't too much that bothered me too an extensive degree though. However, I do think that this would've been a masterpiece if it weren't for those few scenes.

Nobody thought much of Fincher when he directed Alien 3 and he was originally dismissed as just another style over substance director. However, he looked at the mistakes that movie made and he showed moviegoers with this movie that he is a talented director. Since then, he has made several more amazing movies (especially Fight Club) and he is now one of the more appreciated directors working today.

In conclusion, Se7en is a near perfect movie. Sure, the pacing can be a bit slow at times but this is still an amazing crime drama and I think that this is one of the best crime movies ever made. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it contains one of the best finales to a movie ever. I understand why some people disliked this movie but none of the reasons affect my opinion of this movie and I think that it is a must-watch for everyone as long as you don't mind realistic violence and gore.
July 18, 2016
The excellent performances of Freeman and Pitt keep 'Seven' rolling through the unevenly paced opening half. And while the climax may feel a little rushed and farcical, the actor who plays the psychopath delivers it with aplomb (as one would expect). Fine performances across the board make this a film you should see, even if it is a little over-hyped.
July 15, 2016
With a great cast, tight direction and one of the most disturbing endings in cinema history, "SE7EN" is another masterpiece that deserves to be up with the best.
July 9, 2016
Seven is a suspense driven crime thriller about a cereal killer whose murders are based on the seven deadly sins. Fincher is able to build a continued sense of dread throughout the entire film. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey all give great performances. The ending is fantastic and is a proper ending to an excellent film. Overall, this is not only one of the best crime thrillers of all time, but is also one of the best movies of all time.
July 6, 2016
every frame a painting
½ July 4, 2016
Great actors, very good acting, but as a thriller very let down by being able to predict halfway through what would be involved in the ending.

Spoilers follow.

A serial killer is midway through his series of related killings. The two detectives on the case have determined him to be thorough and methodical. The killer becomes aware of the detectives through their investigations, and then even appears to be leading the detectives to make discoveries about what he has done. Near the middle he has left clues that leads the detectives to a building where one if his victims is. The detectives find the victim. As they are leaving, a photographer leaps out and snaps a photo of one of the detectives before he is angrily chased off. As few people aside from the detectives knew of the victim's location, my immediate thought was, "That was likely the killer." This was proved correct, as a few scenes later the detectives find the exact photo taken of one of them, in the killer's apartment. The detective in the photo has a wife, and we the audience have previously seen how distressed she is having newly moved to this violent city, and that she has also just become pregnant. My thought was, given how methodical the killer is, he does nothing without a purpose. He has deliberately taken a photo of one of the detectives. Why? You would have to assume the killer is then attempting to find out information about that detective - and as a consequence that detective and his family are potentially at great risk. "He'll probably try and kill the detective's wife in the end," is what I said at that point. This possibility however didn't at all occur to the two supposedly highly experienced detectives in the movie. When the end happened involving the predicted outcome, I groaned. A good thriller shouldn't rely on the audience being stupid.
June 28, 2016
Perfect movie with excellent acting from all parties involved with a creative story with a gloomy and dark feel and one of the craziest swerves imaginable
June 27, 2016
Wow, the ending was all kinds of fucked up. I thought the murders themselves were horrific on their own, but the ending... My God, that is one of the most shocking experiences I've ever had watching a film. So very tragic and so very evil.
June 20, 2016
David Fincher is a great director when it comes to phycological thrillers. It's great movie, the acting is great and the thrills go around, is shocking, is grim and brutal but overall it's a great movie,
June 18, 2016
Well thought out
Predictable at times
June 11, 2016
what's in the box?!?!?!
½ June 2, 2016
Seven is one of my favourite thrillers of all time. The acting is great, the story is haunting, and the plot is genius.
May 29, 2016
One of the greatest films ever made.
½ May 27, 2016
Se7en has a nice story but the final act leaves the audience disappointed.
May 26, 2016
Muy buena pelicula, por momentos es un poco lenta, pero los giros que tiene y el final, el final!!! excelente!
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