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½ December 26, 2012
An entirely bewildering piece of cinematic art. Medem explores the underestimated block of the writer's mind and lets us aboard a high-speed subway of sexual perdition, redemption, forgiveness and the liberation of the flesh, elements that beautifully become mere colors in the artist's palette. Once again, opportunity cost is the core of experimentation, while the sun burns, while the wind blows, while the sea roars... Simply sublime.

I had never seen sex portrayed with such artistry.

December 16, 2012
Awesome movie! So entertaining, so fresh!
December 10, 2012
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December 7, 2012
Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!
October 10, 2012
This movie is a representation of love and all of its complications. A sensual piece but a movie that moves back and forth through time to tell the story. The director does not make smooth transisitions through time thereby leaving the viewer confused at times as to what is going on and who the characters are to the protagionist. The ending brings it all together and really ends nicely..
September 3, 2012
a nice punch of surrealism and eroticism ... got that typical Spanish film feel...
½ August 14, 2012
This rather laboured and convoluted melodrama lacks the ethereal eroticism of Medem's mezmerising 'Caotica Ana'. One would be forgiven for thinking that the title was a clever ploy to lure in the less discerning crowd. The sex that there is ranges from the farsical to the downright scary and does little to keep the audience entertained as the unlikely plot unfolds. Ironically, all the constituent elements of a good film are there: competent acting (Vega delivers a strong title performance while the gamine Anaya titilates the senses), interesting camera work (the underwater sequences are subtle and spectacular), a clever plot, but unlike the tangled lines of the protagonists, they just don't seem to come together.
August 8, 2012
This erotic Spanish film is like a slightly more sophisticated and slightly less exploitive version of the late-night cable skin flicks, with perfect sun-kissed Mediterranean bodies and a complicated is-it-all-a-dream? plot. It doesnâ(TM)t quite transcend its unimaginative plot involving a long-haired, â~deepâ(TM) writer who has a daughter from a one night-stand and an affair with a waitress, two separate stories which merge by way of yet another of his get the point. The chiaroscuro love scenes are sensual and the actors beautiful but unfortunately the film doesnâ(TM)t penetrate too deep beneath the surfaces of the characters.
July 30, 2012
Apart from the skin,this movie has great story that is skin deep and it really takes a great amount of concentration to understand the end of the movie. Great quote from this movie "The first advantage is at the end of the story. It doesn't finish, it falls in a hole. And the story starts again halfway. The other advantage, and the biggest, is that you can change course along the way... If you let me. If you give me time."
July 27, 2012
Torrid but great. There's actually an intriguing story line that will keep you guessing about the characters. So, send the kids to bed, turn the lights down, snuggle up with someone special, and enjoy the show!
July 12, 2012
Best 'sexy' drama have seen in ages!
July 5, 2012
Najwa is so great and is a really great story I so fucking love it
½ June 27, 2012
I absolutely loved this movie - it was so beautiful, yet emotional and deep.
June 24, 2012
very creative script...I like the arc of the movie...its unique
May 23, 2012
One of the most intoxicating films I've ever seen. A second viewing is essential, especially with the use of imagery and flashbacks, but once you're immersed in the storyline there's no turning back. The setting on the island of Formentera is simply stunning and the performances from the cast are brilliant as well.

I actually think that this film is held back in part by it's English title, and also that the graphic sex scenes lead a lot of people to write it off without giving it a proper chance. All right, so I'd feel uncomfortable watching it with my parents, but it is genuinely a fantastic piece of cinema and I think that most people would see that upon giving it a proper chance. I thoroughly recommend this film.
May 23, 2012
I wish people would look further than the explicit sex scenes and take the film for what it is; an incredible storyline with characters that you're instantly enthralled with, a mesmerising setting which creates an extremely powerful atmosphere and superb performances from the cast involved.

I don't think the synopsis does this film justice. The first time of viewing made it a little hard to follow, especially with the strong symbolism and the flashbacks, but on second time you really feel the full effect of the film. It's subtleties are just as powerful as the erotic nature of the film which combine for an amazing viewing experience.
½ May 14, 2012
This labyrinthine film gradually wraps itself around your head.
½ May 8, 2012
Morbo mental y físico. Las coincidencias son extremas e inverosímiles pero los personajes profundos y llenos de detalle.
½ May 3, 2012
Una pelicula bastante interesante, que de que se trata exactamente no se puede explicar, solo se entiende y se gusta hasta ver
April 21, 2012
Paz Vega is fine and a good actor. Julio Meidem is a genious I want to make movies like him.
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