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March 26, 2012
I loved the movie yrs ago when I first saw it on t.v. Now that I have the V.H.S. I can watch it all I want which is often. I also love watching the music video on the computer when I'm not watching the show. Joe Mcfadden, along with all the others, gave a great performance,
May 5, 2006
This is quite simply the most enjoyable TV series I ever saw. Since it came out on dvd I've seen it at least 12 times and never tire of it.

The story holds your interest from start to finish and the characters are superb, and perfectly cast.

James Callis (from Bridget Jones) gives a superb performance, as does Sue Johnstone and Phil Daniels. As for Joe McFadden, who is probably "the hero" of the story, I don't know if he gave a good performance as I never stopped drooling long enough to notice. ;) Cute with a capital C.

Can't recommend this dvd highly enough.
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