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½ November 24, 2013
While Steve Martin leads with charisma and the film builds in laughs as time goes on, the overall appeal of this movie boils down to if you have a thing for military comedies or have a free block of an hour and half and like Steve Martin. Mitchell's character, Wally, could have amounted to something but even though it begins as his story, his character fades oddly. Aykroyd's character also could have been interesting but his through line flattens and never recovers. Hartman is a worthy opponent but the more he acts the more you aren't scared of what he'll do. As for the titular Bilko, I'm not sure how many lessons he learns and therefore what the movie is really offering the audience beyond gags. The extra half star is for the laughs but comedy must be built on something otherwise the laughs are temporary. The great comedies have undertones and scenes of worth that make you want to watch over and over. I don't think I'll revisit this one, despite my being a member of the Steve Martin fan club.
November 10, 2013
Probably the only person who liked this, but I thought it was Steve Martin's top 10 movies!
½ September 8, 2013
Steve Martin, need I say more?
½ August 15, 2013
8/15/2013: Somewhat dumb, but mildly entertaining. Some ridiculous dumb humor, but Martin is fun to watch.
½ August 9, 2013
Sgt. Bilko is ridiculous, yet entertaining. Despite the absurd story and cheesy acting, there are some pretty funny jokes in this movie. No, it's not Steve Martin's, Dan Aykroyd's or Phil Hartman's best work, but it's fun to see them play off of each other. This isn't a bad movie, it's just not a great movie.
July 17, 2013
1950s style high jinks ensue, and its moderately entertaining.
½ May 13, 2013
Despite the odd giggle and Martin's charisma in the titular role, Jonathan Lynn's take on the famous TV show lacks any real laughs, most of them dull sight gags or witless wordplay that lack charm, coupled with a completely wasted and bored Dan Aykroyd as Bilko's superior, and a lackluster attempt to give Bilko humanity with a running subplot about his botched attempts at getting married to a school teacher that comes off as hollow and contrived (not helped by Bilko's constant womanising).
February 22, 2013
this is actually very much like M*A*S*H... ! :D
½ February 13, 2013
Sgt. Bilko stars Steve Martin with Dan Aykroyd and Phil Hartman as soldiers in the US Army. Martin is fun loving, corrupt, and unreliable Bilko whereas Aykroyd is his superior and Hartman is an old enemy who returns and tries to avenge himself against Bilko.

There are comedic moments but largely the film isn't very interesting and there are musical moments throughout the film featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan and Glenn Frey among others. 5/10
January 22, 2013
One of Phil Hartman's best. Plus Steve Martin is rather funny.
December 7, 2012
Would like to get round to watching.
Super Reviewer
October 22, 2012
Pleasant comedy has some laughs, unfamiliar with the TV show but I thought Steve Martin fit the part of the smooth-talking, quick-dealing Bilko. Much better than his unwise attempt at Inspector Clouseau, that's for sure.
½ October 9, 2012
Fun comedy with nice performances from Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd and Phil Hartman. Pity these three didn't get to work more together.
½ September 26, 2012
not very funny at all . defo not one of steve martins best
September 26, 2012
What is that?!
That's horse shit sir.
August 10, 2012
Not the greatest comedy ever committed to film, but it made me laugh a lot!
½ July 29, 2012
Steve Martin is excellent, deploying his ability to be deviously funny and charming at the same time.
May 29, 2012
Never seen the tv show but I've been watching this over and over since I was a kid. And I never get tired of it! Cunning, smart and full of mischiefs! Such an amazing script that you'll find laughs at every corner of the film. Martin was wonderful and that gay salute is just stuck in my head forever!
April 9, 2012
This movie is so funny...I love Steve Martin
½ March 27, 2012
I have no idea why Martin accepts roles playing characters who are iconically and irreplaceably connected with the original performer... And yet I enjoyed Bilko, I had no reason to. The story was good enough to support the characters and really Bilko need not have been used at all and it would have worked the same. Not bad, not great, just average.
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