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½ August 7, 2016
Very suspenseful, felt disgust at Dell and lengths she was willing to go to to protect herself. Well done
June 8, 2011
This is a thriller with a great premise but it fails under lukewarm execution. The script takes the unfortunate liberty of letting the audience in on the culprit of this who-dunnit from the very beginning, and for the rest of the film we are left to watch these wooden characters play catch-up. It's a difficult operation, and Patrick Jackson proves he is no Hitchcock or Carol Reed. Still, the film is not without its merits. I enjoyed the first twenty minutes (the ones before the murder) very much; Zachary Scott is sympathetic and radiant in them, and the slow but violent unravelling of his wife's affair comes off as competent and even masterful screen drama. Once Scott is behind bars, however, the only actor with enough charisma to try to carry the picture is Nancy Davis (future Reagan), and eventually she buckles under the weight of this wrongly proportioned story.
February 6, 2009
[i]Shadow on the Wall[/i] is a mundane B movie with a ridiculous plot. The actors are adequate, but this film is a little more than a "filler." Zachary Scott, Ann Sothern, and Nancy Davis are fine, considering the material they are working with. The first twenty minutes are promising, but the film quickly falls apart once the plot is centered on the girl. This is a poorly constructed film.
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