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January 14, 2011
Um... acting blows. GAY
January 13, 2011
the beginning of this movie isn't bad.. it's like Cube meets the smoke monster from Lost with Predator vision (which is pretty epic). Problem is this movie is way too long and the longer it goes on the lamer it gets. It had potential, but suffers from showing and telling too much. Guess I'm just a fan of ambiguity.
October 12, 2010
The monsters in this are quite scary and something out of one of my weirder dreams...I like the suspense and violence it works well and kept me on edge.
½ February 20, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised by this. James still kept his attitude from his Spike days, and Jolene was the sexiest I've ever seen her totally underrated
January 2, 2010
The plot wasn't too bad, but some of the acting were poor, but still kept me entertained and wanting to find out what happened.
½ September 26, 2009
I enjoy James Marsters and, on occasion, Tony Todd, and originally I was intrigued by where the story was going. I'm a fan of movies where you figure things out with the characters. However, horrible acting and shoddy CGI just kind of ruined it for me.
½ August 24, 2009
i love my horror and this movie was great not to mention funny at the same time. its always good to have a bit of comedy to lighten things up in a tense moment.
½ July 1, 2009
I can't believe this film actually has 3 Stars on here. A b-grade horror film with horrible acting from Jolene Blalock (Star Trek Enterprise) and James Masters (Buffy). The horror creature looks like the smoke monster from LOST and there is little to no suspense. And the Story is crap! Dreadful.
May 22, 2009
I get tired of the Hollywood big budget films and like to endulge myself into low budget Direct To Video Horror flicks that are fun to watch, with bad acting and you don't to worry about big name actors, all your doing is having fun. Eight people awake in anbandoned asylum with no recollection of how they got here or who they are. As they are looking for ways to escape they are being stalked by a shadow creature.

May 1, 2009
OMG> Had given me the chills
April 14, 2009
I really hope this movie doesn't go directly to DVD.
March 20, 2009
I really enjoyed watching this. Somewhat predictable, but still kept my interest. All this time I thought James Marsters was really English, hehe.
½ February 2, 2009
"The essence of life" chasing eight not-knowing-anything people around the mental hospital :D
January 28, 2009
Very freaky movie,and James in his undies through the whole movie.
January 25, 2009
dark, twisted... scary.
great ending!
January 18, 2009
It was a very good movie!
January 16, 2009
I have mine on pre-order waiting for it! :)
Super Reviewer
December 29, 2008
It's as if the makers of this film read a horror textbook, and then attempted to distil it, there's so many horror clichs; the abandoned hospital/asylum, selective amnesia in victims, a faceless, shapeless monster, people who disbelieve what others say they see because "it's crazy" despite the improbability of the original situation, doors that won't open until the last minute, copious blood with no bodies.. I could go on. But does the inclusion of those things make this a bad horror film?
No. In fact, some of them could've made it a very good film. Instead, it's things like the writing and dialogue which makes this a bad film. The characters have up to three personality traits each; Amber is both crazy and horny (she's a nymphomaniac, you know), the Blalock character is both bossy and caring, and both of the black guys are violent, with one also being sexist and a right asshole (and the other dying too quickly for us to gauge anything else). This perhaps explains why some of them sometimes feel the need to state the obvious in the most obvious way possible. The actual plot as it unfolds isn't much better, it's pretty dull - but it could've worked better even without a major re-write if the characters had only been a bit more realistic and less like cardboard cut outs trying (and failing) to represent a 'cross-section' of society.
November 22, 2008
great. James marsters( spike from buffy) is in it and he is really good
½ October 19, 2008
It's hard not to start a review by mentioning that James Marsters and Jolene Blalock wander around in their underwear for the first ten minutes of this I did. Once the fanboy glow is over the film ponderously sets on its way, desperately trying to conjure atmosphere an menace on an obviously tight budget. To its credit it almost succeeds in working up a degree of tension and some interesting deaths courtesy of our beastie. However, this is a low-budget affair and despite the best efforts of Todd and Marsters there's nothing they can really do with the script (especially as Blalock still seems to be in Vulcan mode).
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