Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Tini zabutykh predkiv) Reviews

August 2, 2019
Whatever passes before [Sergei Parajanov's] camera -- men, women, children, animals, crucifixes, candles, fire, snow -- is rendered so vividly that other films look like vague shadows by comparison.
December 13, 2018
The film's dramatisation of the urge, however quixotic and self-destructive, to return to an idealised past also serves as a sly commentary on the very real nationalistic desire of many Soviet Republics to reattain their independent cultures.
November 17, 2011
November 10, 2011
Stylistically the film is jaw-dropping -- somewhere between the French New Wave and an acid trip.
May 6, 2010
When Paradjanov made Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, he was experimenting with a new approach to filmmaking for the first time and the aesthetic achievement is spectacular.
September 25, 2009
The fervid pageantry is like experiencing the medium with virgin eyes
September 9, 2008
Ripples with the force of nature.
March 7, 2008
It's one of the most unusual films I've seen, a barrage of images, music and noises, shot with such an active camera we almost need seatbelts.
February 21, 2008
Shadows was a leap in the dark like none other in Soviet film history, and a slap in the face of the officially sanctioned and artistically vacuous school of Socialist Realism.
January 31, 2008
Watching [this] breakthrough feature... reveals an undeniable sense of joy -- and even release -- in every frame.
October 30, 2007
In this overwhelmingly beautiful movie, a sad, short, brutalized life is elevated to ecstatic myth.
August 29, 2006
Clearly preferring to tell his story abstractly rather than concretely, director Sergei Paradzhanov assails viewers' eyes with streaks of color and rushes of camera movement, and their ears with sounds best described as revolutionary and industrial.
Top Critic
June 24, 2006
The athletic camerawork and the bizarre visual effects take their tone from the folk ballads that recur on the soundtrack, sometimes touching an authentically barbaric or tragic poetry.
August 8, 2005
February 10, 2005
May 24, 2003
A truly remarkable phantasmagoria from Parodzhanov that unsurprisingly fell foul of the Soviet authorities, if only because of its abiding sense of Ukrainian nationalism.
May 20, 2003
There are hallucinatory sequences in Sergei Paradzhanov's 1964 film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors when this eruptively colorful movie feels more like a folkloric tapestry sprung to life than a film about flesh-and-blood people.
January 1, 2000
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is one of those rare films that look totally fresh and uncorrupted -- as if the director hadn't pilfered a thing from other film makers but had simply discovered the camera, and how best to use it, by himself.
January 1, 2000
Sergei Paradjanov's extraordinary merging of myth, history, poetry, ethnography, dance, and ritual... remains one of the supreme works of the Soviet sound cinema, and even subsequent Paradjanov features have failed to dim its intoxicating splendors.