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½ May 28, 2016
Just don't bother, watch something else instead.
December 24, 2011
Shakalaka Boom Boom is a well-made film, which lacks better direction and performances, even a better storyline. Though, the amazing and outstanding music score saves it from falling... and the final message the film gives to antagonist... definatley worth a watch!

Recommended (One Time Watch)
Verdict = Above Average
July 17, 2008
it's about ego i guess
½ May 27, 2008
Twisted movie with good songs! 5/10
½ May 10, 2008
Not reccommended at it only if u've got absoltely nuthin beter in life to do. I watched it for Himesh's songs..but barring 1..all the others were sick...Bobby was acceptable..Upen was forgettable....& guess what..I jus got to knw that Celian & Kangana were in the
April 13, 2008
all it's about is aj trying destroy reji
½ March 24, 2008
This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.
January 2, 2008
This movie was SO sweet! Plus, it was set in Waterloo Station in London and I lived just near there when I first came to the UK. The music was catchy and it was fun watching random people in the station dancing. I'd watch it again.
½ December 26, 2007
a good entertainer. Bobby was perfect in this movie. Upen was good too. But Kangana and Celina was just nasty
December 4, 2007
i loove dis film!!!!!
December 1, 2007
i loved it... well actaully i only really liked it because of upen patel... its one of his best movies... well the second best from the 3 so far...
November 24, 2007
nice songs, bobby is pycho in this movie. -_-
November 1, 2007
waste of time...the only reason i watched this movie was Celina but she is completely useless and hardly there
½ October 26, 2007
Set in the backdrop of a highly fictitios International Music Industry, Shakalaka Boom Boom follows the story of two musicians / performers / artists (if you dare call them that) ?? Bobby Deol and Upen Patel. One well recognised and the other new and aspiring to become a star. Both characters share one common trait, which is their art to be obnoxious, something which would never get anyone ahead in this so called international music scene which ceases to have any other competitors. Bobby Deol successfully attempts to crush the young Upen Patelof any chances and hopes to getting ahead. Celina Jaitley role is completely wasted, a music promoter who is in 95% behind a bar in a several evening gowns. The star of this non-logical attempt of a film is Kangana Ranaut who saves the film with a decent form of acting sensibly, with the music having catchy foot stomping tunes, gives this film some credit to rate.
September 23, 2007
As much as I hate Bollywood, they do star some sexy women. Damn.
September 8, 2007
Bobby deol villain acting leaves the viewer speechless.
September 1, 2007
one of the worest film i seen in my life. kangana and celina looked hot.
½ August 8, 2007
Wow, what a waste of my life... I seriously think Suneel Darshan rationed out the amount of clothes to each actor as appropriate for the length of their role [that is, Celina Jaitley's character was hardly needed - because of this, she was practically naked]... That's totally my theory. And I fell off my couch laughing at the 'climax'. Haha. Only good things were Kangana [minus some makeup and plus some more clothes] and a couple of the songs.
August 2, 2007
I heard the title song, and really liked it. Didn't even bother listening to the other songs because Himesh Reshammiya directed the songs, and I knew that they would be good. Upen Patel was excellent in 36 chinatown, so I was expecting a lot of this movie. Turned out that Upen performed great. But the movie didn't turn out that great. There is really no point to it. Ending is stupid. A really big dissapointment. Turns out the title song dosn't even come in the movie.
August 2, 2007
that movie was messed up at the end
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