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July 29, 2007
I'm not giving this film any stars. Truly one of the worst Bollywood films ever, I don't even want to call it a Bollywood film because almost all Indian movies are great. But honestly I only saw this movie because of all the hype surrounding it, sadly it was all for nothing. First off I can't stand Upen Patel and I think he desperately needs to go to either anger management or take some serious acting lessons. I was severely disappointed with Kangana Ranaut especially after seeign her in this film and for accepting to do a film lkike this, even though she's a newcomer when I saw her in GANGSTER- A Love Story and Woh Lamhe she had really impressed me, except she has quite an usual way of speakign and she needs to work on her talking and her voice. In this movie it's very obvious that they used someone else's voice over her own. I was expecting something from Celian Jaitely and once again I was very disappointed, this girl seriously needs to stop acting like a slut in every film she does. The onyl credible actor was Bobby Deol and I hated him in this movie. The concept and story was okay but clearly the director was incapable of bringing the movie to life properly. I woudl say not really worth a watch at all unless you're really bored. And what was with all the porn like imagery in this movie? It was so cheap and unnecessary. Particularly for Bollywood.
½ July 27, 2007
One of the worst film and performances I've seen for a long time. This film should be banned for being this ridiculous!
July 10, 2007
good concept - poorly executed
½ July 4, 2007
it wasnt so great. hella random ending lol
July 1, 2007
this movie is full of music..ppl r so much interested in music...
June 30, 2007
it's an okay movie. it was a lot more intense than i expected (judging from the title at least). good concept. celina jaitley looked like a whore as usual. kangna was ehh. bobby deol overracted. the whole movie was only worth it to see upen patel shirtless. the main song is highly lame but it's still good. oh and also what was up with that video game looking ending????!
½ June 24, 2007
Weak, but has hot chicks
½ June 23, 2007
surprisingly good movie
½ June 23, 2007
Honestly, I don't why I saw this movie other than I like to watch movies and I was feeling hindi movie deprived.

This movie is from the Darshans who have over the years managed to bring us some wholesome family entertainment with good music that were sometimes good and sometimes not worth a second look, but with SLBB they decided to abandon their old ways and become "cool, modern, and hip" with this huge waste of time. Overall, the movie is an interesting concept gone horribly wrong. The actors overacted, the actresses looked more like prostitutes that glamorous songstresses, the music is dated, and the song picturizations like 1998 Puff Daddy (yes he was puff daddy back then) videos.
The movie is boring and a lame attempt at being modern and westernized. Also, this "thriller" ends in an absolutely hilarious computer generated mess that is completely epitomizes the low quality of the film.

Watch this movie for a good laugh and another reason to hate Upen Patel and Celina Jaitley.
June 22, 2007
music was the only good thing about the movie. I am being very generous by giving 2 stars.
June 22, 2007
hmm...wanna see.. ;O
June 20, 2007
It was the best movie I ever saw!! Upen Patel(Reggie) looked sooo cute!
June 18, 2007
this is a good movie liked it , upen patel best acting so far. music was very good. how could u bobby how could u
½ June 16, 2007
terrible story but see it for kangana n upen n i love the title track :)
½ June 11, 2007
It was a DUMB movie!
½ June 9, 2007
dont ever get jealous
June 9, 2007
After watching the very first trailers of Shakalaka Boom Boom, it didn?t sound so interesting. But the trailers which were released later were much more interest capturing. The movie is drama set in the (desi) music industry in New York. Most of the actors have delivered good performances, i.e. Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley and Bobby Deol.

The story is about two characters, played by Upen Patel and Bobby Deol. Bobby?s character is a big music star, and Upen?s character wants to make it big. Then follows a race between these two characters which is the story of the movie, and there will only be one winner. Both characters are very interesting and also have their negative shades, so you don?t know which party you will like to take.
½ June 8, 2007
It really doesnt get much worse. See this one to see how bad it can get though. Terrible performances, horrible execution and an (unintentionally) hilarious ending make this one a classic disaster!
June 6, 2007
Good Movie with the Best Songs.
½ June 5, 2007
dumb movie...though upen is hot
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