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November 24, 2011
Shakti is a bad film
½ April 24, 2011
its probably the worst movie of the decade.the story is stupid and the dialogues are old fashioned. the music is dumb. comedy did not work out.ntr has neither the face nor the body that suits the character.and its not worth your time and money.
½ April 22, 2011
2-3 songs were good. only two songs were appealing to watch on screen. nice concept. worst direction and very bad screenplay. tacky action scenes and wasted graphics. editing is not up to the mark. jr ntr is not suitable for the role. ileana had no role to do. rest were there for fame. an overall disaster in terms of direction and production value. better luck next time for Jr. Ntr.
April 17, 2011
title: shakti
tagline: shakti peetha samrakshana

content: shakti(ntr)is in rajasthan. he meets aishwarya(ileana) and becomes a tourist guide. they go different places and visit temples of north india. some thugs keep chasing aishwarya. shakti saves her every time. meanwhile her father comes to know that, aishwarya is carrying jwalamukhi which must be undergone absiekham at haridwar. some turns make shakti to hold the jwalamukhi. he feels some sort of visuals and it dissapears. finally tempo awaits as shakti reveals himself as shakti swaroop NSA commando. wait for more in second half! who is shakti and what is the relation with jwalamukhi is the story! 7/10

narration: with such a high voltage script, narration is the key. unfortunately director had failed in giving effective narration to the story. lackluster narration makes movie a dud. carry over effect is one of the worst ever seen. consider logics and this movie defies logic a lot. shakti"s shirt is having shoolam symbol. in a song he goes like a rocket missile and enlightens the sky. action episodes involving missile launchers are extremely ridiculous. tata sumo crashes into pieces after hits villain. what the director is been thinking of? the audience can watch anything what he shows>?>? 3/10

screenplay: screenplay in 2nd half is good. works well with the narration and main storyline. but seemed extremely fast enough and forced. 5/10

direction:there is no soul to characters in the movie. the flashback lacks the perfect emotion it needed. action episodes are ridiculous and defies logic. dialogs uttered by characters are forced and does not help at all. 4/10

casting: jr.ntr is good in role of shakti swaroop. as rudra he seemed ok. he has overweight and costumes in the flashback episode shows it. he must have maintained a perfect physique. ileana is good for songs. she has no much of role in movie. the villain called david a foreigner is strong and looks like a macho man. but he has nothing to do with script. pooja bedi and sonu sood are negative characters. their shades are not appreciable. prabhu is ok. rest are ok. 6/10

film power = 24/50

music/background score: it is the only saving asset to the movie. when narrative becomes strong , background score picks up. good music by manisharma. 7/10

cinematography: haridwar, rajasthan, egypt, humpi, hyderabad, kashmir, dubai etc are all places in movie. in songs cinematography seemed good. but elsewhere it was weak. 6/10

editing: editing seemed average to below average. no need of twist till interval. scenes cut very fast and confuses audience a bit. in second half, flashback episode has good editing. the climax part again lacks proper editing. 4/10

comedy: it is ok again. first 45 minutes of movie is driven with comedy and action. comedy is ok to hear. but not that applaudable. 5/10

action episodes: a high voltage script requires perfect stunts. visual effects are key to the success of such a story. there are nearly 5 main action episodes out of which 2 are convincing. the rest seemed extremely ridiculous. flashback episode stunt was good. introduction stunt was good. rest where it seemed forced and ridiculous. climax fight was weak. 3/10

entertaining power = 24/50

total score is 48/100.

positives of the movie

music / background score
casting only Jr. ntr

negatives of the movie

action episodes
lack of perfect screenplay

finally shakti comes with good expectations, but ends as a dud. time pass fare that defies logic and watchable at own risk. overall shakti might not impress you.
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