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January 13, 2014
This is another film that I caught for Movie Shame Monday because it's always been on my radar as something of an iconic film from the '70s, and I have to say that I just might not have 'got' it, because the overall vibe I get is one of Warren Beatty's ennui, not the alleged comedy that it's supposed to be, and on top of that I'm meant to feel sorry for the guy who's grown tired of skating by on his looks and fucking every woman who wanders into his field of vision?

Oh, woe is me.

November 27, 2013
Quietly powerful examination of a decaying culture lensed through the lives of late 1960's Hollywood that remains surprisingly relevant in the 21st Century.
September 24, 2013
When the movies were truly good and the stars real stars: just take a look at Julie Christie here, people, she was a stand out, no many like those anymore!
May 18, 2013
This is an infamous 70s film and I don't know why. It was alright, but nothing to write home about.
½ March 31, 2013
Hay pelicula que envejecen y esta es una de ellas, lo que fue comico e interesante en los 70s (el film se desarrolla en el 1968), en el siglo 21 resulta aburrido y poco interesante, a mi personalmente NO ME GUSTO. Aceptable
February 17, 2013
Very close to being Warren Beatty's ultimate vanity project. This film is outdated and the characters are not very likeable, but the most disappointing aspect is that Ashby seems quite uninspired and the original satirical and unique concept, which could have been interesting, feels wasted.
December 7, 2012
Looks interesting will try to find and watch!
October 14, 2012
This film has been renowned by some to be sharp in wit and absolutely hilarious. I didn't laugh. Rather, I scoffed and chuckled here and there. I found it dull. I found the characters totally confusing, and it seemed like George, played by Warren Beatty, had a scrunched face look the entire movie, as if he himself didn't know what he was doing in the movie. The only thing I liked was looking at Goldie Hawn and Julie Christie. And the scene towards the end with Jack Warden and Warren Beatty discussing women. Other than that, I expected so much more life to a film by Hal Ashby, director of such exciting and oddly moving films like The Last Detail, Harold and Maude, Bound for Glory, Being There, and Coming Home.
October 5, 2012
I didn't like this movie at all. Beatty's character is annoying, there is no emotional sympathy generated for any of the characters, the plot is boring, and you really just hope that someone with a gun will burst into a scene unexpectedly ans slaughter everyone to put the audience out of its misery.
August 29, 2012
Though often referred to as a comedy, the satirical "Shampoo" could also be called "The Rise and Fall of George Roundy". And though some bits of the film sparkle with some good black comedy type situations, it's better to label "Shampoo" as a drama that has a sense of humor. If you do, it's much more gratifying. We're pulled into the life of George Roundy (Warren Beatty), a hairdresser who pretends to be gay while having affairs with many different women and in the meantime fools their husbands. It's Election Day, 1968, and at this point in time George his having an affair with three different women-- Jill (Goldie Hawn), Jackie (Julie Christie), and Felicia (Lee Grant). But the plot thickens: Jill is a friend of Jackie, who's having an affair with Lester (Jack Warden) who's married to Felicia. George is trying to open his own hair salon in the meantime, and before he knows it, juggling all these women may be harder than he thinks. Well-written, flawlessly acted, and nicely directed, every second of the film feels sharper than the next, because director Hal Ashby ("Harold and Maude) has a good sense of what should be taken seriously and what should be funny. With smart additions of characters like Felicia and Lester in a scene, it can go from dark to silly-- and it hits just the right balance. "Shampoo" is fun to view in 2012, with all of the silly hairdos and the sexual politics that thrived back in those days-- but set aside all the things we're laughing at deep inside, we're also glued to the screen, seeing what dumb decision George will make next, and how it'll affect him. I might admit, he doesn't get the girl(s) in the end, and he doesn't get a salon, but that's what makes "Shampoo" so refreshing-- the lead character is a jerk, and he doesn't get rewarded for it. This is a good satire that hasn't exactly aged perfectly over time, but it still is well-done.
½ July 26, 2012
This is one of those "time capsule" films: Wholly a product of its era -- or "error," as some disenfranchised souls may say. The 1970's was a great decade for filmmaking, and although this was all the rage in 1975 (even garnering a supporting actress Oscar for Lee Grant -- which is scandalous, considering she was up against two tremendous perfs from the Altman masterpiece "Nashville": Lily Tomlin and Ronee Blakely), it just does not hold up to contemporary scrutiny. It's all very amusing and rambunctious for the first half, then it becomes a dour social commentary by its end. Really, the main reason to view this film is simply to see how young and beautiful Warren and Goldie and Julie were -- and reminisce about the good-ol'-days.... :D
June 8, 2012
a must see 70's movie
½ May 23, 2012
½ April 14, 2012
I got distracted... then just loved Jack Warden at the party.
February 15, 2012
Sharp dialogue and a truly terrific cast, but Hal Ashby's direction feels strangely disinterested, and I don't believe the film is as deep as it thinks it is. Even so, the interactions between the characters are entertaining enough to propel the movie along.
December 22, 2011
Like a Five Easy Pieces for truly vapid people, Shampoo takes us through a 24-hour period in the life of an LA libertine. Warren Beatty doesn't know why he has to have sex, he just knows it makes him feel okay. With a great soundtrack and several great performances the movie is able to sustain itself even with a particularly slow first half. Ashby leaves it up to the audience as to if we're supposed to find Beatty contemptible or relatable.
December 10, 2011
be prepared for a really bad hair day.
½ November 12, 2011
Not very good. You can only be a heartless player for so long. Not a lot of stuff going on here.
Super Reviewer
½ June 20, 2011
Taking place on the eve of Richard Nixon's taking of the presidency, but released in the aftermath of Watergate, this film provides a nice commentary about the Nixon years, made more potent by the fact that the audience (but not the characters) are aware of how things would turn out with Nixon.

This isn't a film about presidential politics though. Rather, it is about sexual ploitics. I just mentioned all of the above since the film places things within a certain context, which also gives more weight and depth to the satire it is presenting about what was going on at the time. SImply put, if one wanted a historically rooted film that commented on the sexual revolution, this would be one to watch.

Warren Beatty plays George- a successful hairdresser on the verge of financial ruin who gets in way over his head when the man who might loan him some money just happens to be with an ex of his, as well as the father and husband of two other woman (among others) that he is sleeping around with. This makes for both some fun satirical laughs, as well as some poignant drama that ties in with the death of 60s idealism and the terrible hangover that hits when the party ends.

Robert Towne (who also wrote Chinatown) penned the script, and apparently Beatty had a hand of some sort in the writing process as well. Hal Ashby directs, and it is one of several 1970s masterpieces he was responsible for helming. I really like that guy, and it is good to see thast others are starting to feel the same way (on a broader scale).

Beatty and the rest of the cast (including a young Carrie FIsher) are all excellent, and somehow, we actually sympathize with some of these characters, and kind of care for them, even if we really shouldn't. Give this one a watch. It's a great film with a strong ending, and a great look at the times it both portrays and came about during.
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