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December 6, 2017
Underrated movies. It's not the greatest but it's great. Hilarious and really good feel. Owen and Jackie are perfect together. Way better than Chris rock and Jackie.
½ November 24, 2017
Chan and Wilson are awesome together! Great chemistry. While the story and plot isn't the strongest thing ever, the movie is carried on the shoulders of it's stars and really works because of their ability to sell it. Jackie Chan as always steals the show, but Wilson holds his own very well.
July 8, 2017
Shangai Noon is a masterwork of Western comedy action flicks. as Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan deliver non-stop laughs.
½ June 3, 2017
Fun to watch. The best of Jackie Chan's American movies
June 1, 2017
100% ridiculous but fun none-the-less.
April 17, 2017
Shanghai Noon sees a clash of a Genji and a Mccree main. These two make a powerful combo and Ana nano boosts Genji for a nanosword while Mccree looks at his watch and gets a team wipe, all in time to get the shiny golden gun and gambler skin.
February 8, 2017
shanghai noon is the funniest movie ever made
January 3, 2017
It's good movie to watch
October 16, 2016
It was funny enough to keep me entertained but nothing unique, especially at a time saturated with buddy-comedies and Jackie Chan.
½ July 16, 2016
Set in a different location and time period than most action comedies, but other than that, it's not really anything special.
½ July 3, 2016
Very entertaining , growing frienship ...good jokes , cool action ! SOMDVD
½ May 2, 2016
Fast paced, and silly, a product of the turn of the century and a showcase once again for Jackie Chan as a "buddy cop"
April 27, 2016
When I first saw this as a kid, I laughed a lot and loved every minute of it. Many years later, nothing has changed my mind about the film at all
½ April 20, 2016
Still holds up well...I am glad they are making a thrid one
April 17, 2016
Jackie and Owen have a a unique chemistry. It's not romance, but it's just something else.
February 22, 2016
Pretty cool comedy...check it out.
Super Reviewer
February 1, 2016
Great mixture of western kung fu and comedy, Full of good action and funny humour, Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan were great together.
½ November 17, 2015
"Shanghai Noon" is a Western/martial arts film. It's exactly what you expect. Add in Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson as the lead actors and it becomes even more predictable. The excellent play on words contained in the title is an overture for the comedy that follows. The plot is simple but effective as two opposite men are placed into a situation in which it is natural for them to pair up to save the day. Why not also represent the Buddy-Cop genre as they work together to save the day. Fans of Westerns and martial arts films will enjoy the many tongue-in-cheek nods to these genres. And fear not, they do mispronounce Princess Pei-Pei's name as Pee-Pee, but only once to keep it from getting old. The acting isn't anything special but it matches the expectation of a comedy. Personally, I prefer "Rush Hour" but "Shanghai Noon" is a nice departure from Jackie Chan's typical films.
October 26, 2015
Does this movie have a story? Yes, but it's kinda dumb. Still, the movie itself is entertaining as hell, and Chan teaming up with Wilson might be the best decision since teaming him up with Tucker. One of the most rewatchable movies I've ever watched.
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