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August 8, 2016
This movie was very fun. Another masterpiece from director Edgar Wright. I loved this movie lol. It is fun, original, and, most important of all - funny.
½ August 5, 2016
One of my all-time favorite movies. This zomedy will have you dying with laughter. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost give terrific hilarious performances. Highly recommended for anyone who loves horror films.
½ August 4, 2016
A hilarious, clever script, and outstanding directing by Edgar Wright in 'Shaun of the Dead' rightfully established him as one of the best working directors.
½ August 3, 2016
Balancing horror, romance and comedy so briskly it seems perfect, Shaun of the Dead is a spotlight film in the horror-parody genre.
August 2, 2016
While not quite a swift as Hot Fuzz or as feisty as Paul, it still stands as a piece of comedy genius; and defining to the dazzling pair which are none other than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. In all, it adds up to a humorous (possibly slightly cheesy) zombie bloodbath to be admired.
Verdict: B+
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½ July 30, 2016
Shaun of the Dead stars Simon Pegg as Shaun, a boring man with a dead-end job and repetitive lifestyle which includes nightly trips to the bar with his fiance, Liz (Kate Ashfield), and best friend, Ed (Nick Frost). After a bad day ends with a wild night at the bars, Shaun and Ed wake up to find the world infested with zombies, and they join forces with others to overcome the threat.

This British film is a bloody good time, mates. The dialogue is quick and witty, the chemistry is strong (especially between Pegg and Frost), and the film delivers both in an action and comedic sense. Even the morbid ending had some humor! Edgar Wright has always been a solid filmmaker, and this first installment in the "Cornetto Trilogy" stands as his rise to fame. His cinematography is very solid here as well; the sequences without any cuts to a second or third camera really stand out, especially when it comes to watching Shaun's two trips to the mart - one when everything is boring and fine, and another the morning of the zombie infestation. The editing (or lack thereof) really shines through the muck of zombie guts.

For a comedy, there's a lot of heart to this movie as well. The character development of Shaun and company really hits home, and there are some interactions that really tug at the heartstrings (Shaun and his step-dad's exchange in particular stood out). Of course, this lends to the theme of dead and lifeless creatures resulting in Shaun "coming to life" in a sense, but that's a pretty easy idea to spot. The action isn't horrible here, either. There's a scene in the bar involving Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" that I'll always cherish as cinema gold in a hysterical way.

Folks, if you miss the days when comedies weren't super-delayed sequels nobody asked for, go give Shaun of the Dead a watch. It's slow at first (rightfully so), but you'll be in love with these characters come the end credits.

Final grade: A-
July 27, 2016
The best zombie movie this side of the century is a comedy. So we all have seen the hero's story in the zombie apocalypse. How about just a regular guy? This is about Shaun (Simon Pegg) a man who is at a turning point in his life. He tries to sort out his personal relationships while also coping with the end of the world. If you have read my review for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, you are already well aware of what a giant fan I am of Edgar Wright. He still has yet to make a misstep in my eyes, and I celebrate the man's entire library. Every so often I will go back to where it begin, the start of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, or, more specifically, the best zom-rom-com ever made, Shaun of the Dead. It still holds up, and it is as uproariously funny today as it was back in 2004. If you have seen this multiple times like I have, the thing that is most easy to appreciate is how brilliantly layered it is. Edgar Wright knows how to set up a recurring joke, as well as what will make for a good payoff, so unless you have a broken funny bone, this is sure to make you laugh. The reason why every single movie in this series works as great as it does is because everybody involved clearly harbors an adoration for the material that is being poked fun at. I will frequently kvetch about how lazy the parody movie usually is, and you need not look any further than the movies made by the unholy Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer to see why I complain. Edgar Wright shows you that it is simply a matter of creativity and inspiration, and this is truly how you do it. The wonderful thing about all these movies is they start off simply as parody, but then they slowly become the genre that they are riffing, which is a testament to how much they love the originators. Just like in every single Edgar Wright movie, the editing is stupifyingly brilliant, and it is cut to be as tight as cinematically possible. It really helps to punctuate all the jokes, and there isn't a single misfire to be found. It is jam packed with as many gags as possible, so getting bored isn't even an option. I love how the zombie apocalypse happens in the background before the foreground, and because of how unobservant our main character is, he doesn't even notice until it is in full swing. This was Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's first taste of mainstream, and I will forever love this movie for it.
July 26, 2016
One of my all time personal favourites, 'Shaun of the Dead' is how you do good comedy. With ecstatic direction from Edgar Wright, and two amazing leads in the form of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this hilarious movie is one of the best comedies ever put to film.
July 25, 2016
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are Awesome! It's damn hilarious not like the shitty american popular kids movies that are not funny at all. this movie is the perfect example to go watch it. i have to agree with the critics, I did miss Hot Fuzz but already have this on DVD. Simon Pegg is my Favourite Comedien and Edgar Wright is one of my favourite Directors of all time.

Score: 10/10
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½ July 25, 2016
A very British, humorous take on the good old zombie topic. Not only is this full of great ideas, jokes, movie quotes and great laughs, it even works pretty well as gory splatter horror, even though you gotta laugh way too often to be really scared. Silly, but really lovable and just fun to watch, as long as some blood doesn't bother you.
July 24, 2016
Shaun of the Dead no gasta em vo,litros de sangue e equilibra comedia e terror com planos de sequencia e maquiagem impressionantes.
July 23, 2016
Some scenes contrast in tone, overall however original and funny
July 17, 2016
The comedy is more subtle than hysterical.
July 10, 2016
Great action-packed and funny romantic comedy with zombies!!
July 10, 2016
Hilarious zombie comedy that pays homage to many of the great films of the past while managing to be a pretty scary itself. The cast is splendid across with board, with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's buddy routine translating perfectly to the big screen, while Bill Nighy makes the most of his small role (with a sucker-punch of a final scene). The real star is writer/director Edgar Wright, who makes a fantastic film debut, delivering laughs & scares at the same time. Most importantly, the zombies are taken seriously and are quite scary & gruesome (more than a few characters meet a brutal end), making the comedy that much more effective. One of the best horror/comedies of all time.
July 2, 2016
What he proposes to do, the film is perfect, with a great edition, fast script, smart and funny jokes and performances that convecem, the film is extremely entertaining and worth watching, it is a pity the makeup of the zombies are not best, but as the film does not take itself seriously it is ok.
Edgar Wright urgently needs to be better recognized and have more opportunities in Hollywood, and a great director.
June 30, 2016
This is never not funny.
½ June 22, 2016
Pretty decent comedy in slight relation to George Romero's classic. Simon Pegg is a funny enough actor keeping his character as funny and interesting throughout the entire film. While I wouldn't consider it an instant classic, it is still a fairly entertaining British horror comedy that starts it's laughs officially in the mid-beginning with a pretty insane amount of zombie humor until the near end. The repeated planning scene in the middle of the film was an outrageous one. Overall, the movie has good wit, decent charm, and an unpredictable enough plot. No doubt the characters were catching enough during the film as well.
½ June 21, 2016
Funny, intelligent and well directed, Shaun of the dead rises above most 21st century comedies
June 20, 2016
Shaun of the Dead is fun and clever, it makes reference and fun of horror movies and it's a great directed movie which Edgar Wright put a lot of his style on it, It's a great satire, it's a comedy and sometimes it's intense, but overall it's one of my favourite if not my favourite movie with zombies ever made.
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