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La Sorella di Satana (Revenge of the Blood Beast) (Sister of Satan) (The She-Beast) Reviews

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October 22, 2018
Babs Steele is the attraction here, yes? Well forget it. She's only around for the very beginning of the film, the set-up, and then the finale. Otherwise you're working with memory. There's some bit about a small town executing a witch way back in the day, with the obligatory curse on the whole town as a monologuing bye-bye. Jump to the present day where a resurrected hag is killing the descendants of the first crew. Shock value is simply the witch's looks. Could use some pepper in this stew.
April 25, 2017
Oh the badly translated dialogue alone makes it worth watching. It's typical Spaghetti Horror.
½ October 14, 2016
More campy and slow paced then a standard horror, but it has a nice atmosphere.
October 12, 2015
I was really wanting to like this more. Reeves is the Thalberg of low budget 1960's horror. This however was too much humor and not enough scare. His next two movies are both outstanding, unsettling and very well made despite limited budgets.
½ August 22, 2014
A word of warning to any Wiccan or Witch, "The She Beast" is a film that adheres to the very old world Catholic view of witches. That view is the same as in the silent film classic "Haxan". That all witches were hideous she devils hidden away from society and only interested in communing with the devil and eating your children. However as a horror fan who is well aware that this is an out-dated offensive view toward anyone who practices the ancient art I love this representation of the witch as ultimate monster, frankly because it gets old seeing possible "lipstick lesbians" hanging out in coffee shops and celebrating themselves all over Nature's good grace only victimized and forced to use magic in self defense. This "offensive" alternate look at the witch is far more fun and entertaining to watch on screen. Now for my review.

"The She Beast" stars Barbara Steele and Ian Ogilvy as a couple of British subjects on a European honeymoon vacation arriving in Transylvania. The rest at a hotel in the cursed town that his keeper of a legend of nightmare. In the 18th century the villagers laid to rest a nasty witch after she had taken one too many of the town's children. Unfortunately for them they did not wait for the Van Helsing family to properly exorcise the wretched creature so they live in the shadow of the deed that comes back to live again once more.

The film relies on minimal dialog that actually leads you into the story, only highlights of what is happening are actually held up with commentary. Most of the conversation revolves around poking fun at old world superstitions, trivial ever day stuff and jabs at communism. The film is super low budget and was only shot in 21 days which shows. There is a continuous flow as the plot twists and dialog bounce from the four main characters that play a part in the witch's resurrection that seems rushed and careless. However the on screen action that unfolds in this classic B movie is fun as hell and the witch is truly a sight to see. Sadly she is not really as gruesome as one would hope, shown more like a wild animal that keeps getting loose instead of a planned revenge with system. Barbara still is classic Barbara in the film which truly is the saving grace of this little film. The sound and film quality are not all that great but for me gave that drive in B movie feel that just added to my experience of watching this one. I definitely see myself enjoying it over and over again just for the fun of it. Oh and because it is Barbara Steele. I just luv her!
February 12, 2014
Dumb cheap campy fun, the plot is decent but messy and the characters are awful but cheesy. It has a classy 60's feel with classy Italian make-up effects. While it's not a very good flick, it delivers for some late-night shotty fun.
½ October 27, 2013
Possibly one of the greatest garbage I have ever dug out of the trash and bathed in--Early Steele!!
January 17, 2013
Jesus Christ, don't sell me on the idea that Barbara Steele is in this and then give me her being possessed and covered up completely in a stupid amount of terrible make-up. What a disappointment.

Pass, unless you're a completist.
October 1, 2011
Badly acting, awfully dubbed, and certainly doesn't feature enough of the greatly underrated Barbara Steel. But at least the monster looks so cheesy it's funny.
February 20, 2011
Fast-moving, uneven schlock.
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½ December 7, 2010
This is the only film with Steele that I really didn't like, she's not in much of the movie anyway because she was working on another movie at the time. The other movie was probably better. The plot doesn't make much sense, but it is pretty creepy.
½ June 7, 2009
Cheaply produced, and the plot is so ridiculous it almost makes it interesting. Definitely hokey, the acting is below average. Silly, to say the least.
May 17, 2009
Its kinda cheesey but she really is a beast.
February 27, 2009
How is it that Barbara Steele got such a reputation as being a great horror actress? I've only seen maybe one or two movies that were any good with her in it.
January 20, 2009
IL LAGO DI SATANA!!!! HAVE ORIGINAL POSTER. HAHA funny movie! yes this is an idiot movie and i don't know if it WANTED to be so trash. The mask of the witch (but, hell, is she for real Barbara?) it's not scary, it's grotesque (ahah Evil dead...did you copied something from this movie?) and her revenge vs villagers it has some peaks of absurdity (see the scythe and hammer inn-joke). An idiot Van Helsing makes me laugh and some demented high-speed footages scenes it drives me to consider this movie a serious spoof. Hot scene of love with quick vision of naked breasts of B! Open ending...maybe it was a pro-feminism movie? The witches are back up! mah..
November 28, 2008
Pretty awful by any standard. The story is ridiculous and its presentation laughable. The acting and witch makeup are so over-the-top I found them grotesquely attractive. Like the sleazy motel owner, I kept imagining the beautiful newlyweds getting freaky and fantasized about Barbara Steele's succulent bosom throughout. The film itself failed to hold my interest.
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October 29, 2008
Damn that Barbara Steele. She's always getting possessed.
October 1, 2008
hummmmmmmm! thinking about these movie right now???
½ July 7, 2008
Better than the last Futurama film, but still lacks the consistency needed to make a really decent one. Two more tries left.
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