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½ February 7, 2016
This is actually a surprisingly good movie. At first I thought she was the good character wrongly convicted. Then I had no idea if she was good and bad. I would've rated this a 3 stars, then I remembered it was a TRUE story, and to be able to make a movie this good on a true story, deserves 3.5 stars.
January 10, 2016
Dang good movie. Really suspenseful
March 10, 2015
A bad Lifetime TV movie about the real life story of Sarah Pender wrongly accused of murder and serving time in prison for it. It's bad enough that this film got made but an even more injustice that the makers of the film didn't even bother to get their facts right and instead have filmed the lies and not the truth. The truth is Sarah got railroaded by a justice system that doesn't want to admit it's corrupt. That's the movie that should have got made.
½ January 27, 2015
This movie was alright. Clearly a made-for-tv movie with some mediocre acting but since the plot was based on a true and scandalous story, it was enough to keep my attention and overall, I'm glad I watched it.
Super Reviewer
January 22, 2013
Very interesting story. Dewan-Tatum was very convincing in her role. She was likable, so it always kept me wondering if she really did commit the crimes she was convicted of.
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