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½ September 14, 2007
Some fag hypnotist gets the big head when he starts controlling a fish monster. The climax revolved around him and another hypnotist battling each for the mind of a woman and 10 cops shooting at the invisible fish monster... I wish I was making this up.
½ May 25, 2007
Good monster suit by Paul Blaisdell.
March 24, 2007
it sounds like me sis
March 1, 2007
Great AIP monster flick with one of Paul Blaisdel's greatest creations.
June 15, 2004
[b][i]mst3k - The She-Creature[/b][/i] - good, but i've seen better misties.

woo-hoo! the day has come! run to the store! ruunnnn!! its time for....

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season Two
Sealab: Season One

*runs to the store*
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