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½ July 22, 2014
Watchable Sherlock Holmes flick, filmed in some decent locations - obviously could be better compared to todays standards but definitely watchable.
½ January 1, 2012
Alto the script is very flawed and sometimes unbelievably cheesy, Christopher Lee and Patrick Macnee, two veterans of the British acting stage, give two fantastic and sturdy performances as Holmes and Watson. I enjoyed this films humor, some of it's plot points and alto it is 3 hours long it never drags on. If the script has been even better i might have put this between some of the best Sherlock Holmes films ever.
March 1, 2011
Poorly acted and incredibly boring. The sound was poorly synchronized with the actions. The bad casting and terrible acting made it impossible to buy the time period. It came across like a bunch of soap opera stars were performing a cheap period piece... which was the case.
Super Reviewer
February 12, 2010
More of the same. (Wrote this review already, but my computer froze and I lost it. Can't remember exactly what I wrote before.) This mystery also takes place in 1910, but in Vienna, not London again. A scientist has invented a remote control for detonating bombs, but fears what will happen if if falls into the kaiser's hands. He arranges to sell the device to Britain, but before Mycroft can pick it up the detonator is snatched. The old man gives chase himself into an opera house and falls to his death. When Sherlock and Watson arrive to investigate the death and missing device they find that Irene Adler (Morgan Fairchild) is the star of the opera. Except with Fairchild's performance the character of Irene Adler doesn't seem so dangerous a match for Sherlock Holmes. Humperdinck is credited fairly highly, but he plays a minor minor character. This time Holmes meets two famous historical figures from roughly the time period that provide opportunities for red herrings and ridiculous humor. Sigmund Freud hypnotizes Adler a few times and a young Elliot Ness gets in the way. There is confusion over how many men are named Franz in Vienna. There are Bosnian nationalists and an attempt on Emperor Franz Joseph's life which the detective pair must stop to prevent international relations from escalating to WWI.
January 26, 2009
as per Incident at Victoria Falls
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