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July 22, 2014
It would be hard to rate a documentary about how the stories that make up one of my favourite movies / musicals with anything less than five stars. I've probably seen the movie Fiddler on the Roof 20 times. I've seen the musical 3 times. I know the stories. I love the stories. So given the opportunity to hear about the author and how he came to these stories was a great thrill.
January 7, 2014
A deep, almost academic, exploration of the ground-breaking Yiddish writer's work. If you enjoy Fiddler on the Roof, you will find this fascinating.
½ March 2, 2012
Not bad. Only because I want to make Fiddler on the Roof a real, living woman and make her the mother to our children.
February 26, 2012
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January 27, 2012
is Sholem Aleichem an anagram for Holmes Michael/Michael Holmes?
December 31, 2011
I've never seen a movie get 100% positive reviews before. Looks very interesting.
December 4, 2011
Very well made. It's very surprising that his children did not know Yiddish.
November 23, 2011
The creator of Fiddler on the Roof
November 9, 2011
Well done documentary of Sholem Aleichem, one of the most respectable Jewish novelist of all time.
½ August 25, 2011
‚Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness‚? is a slow-moving, yet ultimately profound biographical documentary about "the Yiddish Mark Twain." Through splendid old photographs and the narration of a series of interviews, Aleichem emerges as the transitional man, living in his life Judaism's journey from the Shtetl to the New World. Aleichem is seen as more modern than the Pale he romanticizes, but not rootless nor cynical enough for America. Kudos to Hillel Halkin, Aaron Lansky, Ruth Wisse for their astute observations on the man and his place in Yiddish culture. The film follows him through to his posthumous reinterpretation in "Fiddler on the Roof," based on his work, which wrestles with the Jewish battle with assimilation. The film quotes the Yiddish proverb that all the dead are saintly, and much as Aleichem's work romanticized the Shtetl Jew now gone, this film elevates Aleichem into the iconic modern Jew. The film requires patience, but rewards it well.
August 24, 2011
Un título totalmente adecuado, el documental bien logrado, las fotos son un tesoro, vale la pena verlo!
August 2, 2011
I clicked 5 Stars ...
August 2, 2011
WOW, can we say favortism to the Jews Maybe? 100 percent rotton tomatoes, when the voters gave it an F!!!!! Come on you son of a bitches.....
July 17, 2011
Wonderful movie, informative, interesting, furn and inspiring. GO!!!! It's also a great way to see what everything looked like back then before it was all distroyed.
If your a Jew, love a Jew or just live in NYC and are Jewish by proximity GO!
July 2, 2011
Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite movies....Taviar is a wonderful mix of all the men I know
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