Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock Reviews

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November 18, 2011
Whether he's doing Sin City or Spy Kids, Rodriguez always infantilizes his audience, jolting our synapses and indulging our slavering desires for goop and gore.
August 9, 2010
It is a wildly self-indulgent fantasy adventure that should have gone straight to Youtube, where all 'Dad-thinks-he's-cool-with-a-camera' home videos belong.
December 12, 2009
Chaotic, messy, and horribly mind-numbing...
December 6, 2009
...what poignancy is served injecting heavy messages about parenting... into a movie which glorifies the suburban existence, makes light of bullying, and gratuitously employs property destruction for comic effect?
November 20, 2009
...a mishmash of slapstick fights, tiny green men, galumphing alligators, nose picking, giant booger monsters, and endless silliness.
November 19, 2009
Shorts is constantly pinballing back and forth, from one thing to the next, in such a hyperactive fashion that one wishes it would just slow down a bit.
September 5, 2009
Boy, is this dumb. I mean in the way that something can be so silly and disgusting it's dumb.
September 2, 2009
That potential is not realized in "Shorts" primarily because of the chaotic structure of the story, which lurches back through a series of disjointed flashbacks.
August 30, 2009
It's a vacuous feature, devoid of any charms; a cartoon mishmash missing fizz and ingenuity to make it bearable to any audience member crazy enough to evolve beyond a fascination with nostril functions.
August 25, 2009
A movie aimed at kids which will have adults complaining it isn't short enough
August 25, 2009
This loud and energetic work won't add much value to family frolic films and messages that warn one to be careful what you wish for.
August 24, 2009
In the Disneyfied dumbed-down marketplace for kids' films, there's something daring and even refreshing in a movie which messes with conventional narrative. If only it wasn't so frantic.
August 24, 2009
The special effects aren't up to scratch and the scrappy, episodic conceit detracts rather than enhances.
August 24, 2009
Shorts is too lazy and telegraphed to be classed as a good children's film and not smart enough to keep grown-ups engaged for its duration.
August 24, 2009
A chaotic, hyperactive, sugar-rush of a film with special effects that appear quaintly hand-knitted and low-tech.
August 22, 2009
Just creative enough to keep kids glazed over with nominal interest, but it won't challenge them much...
August 21, 2009
A sloppy and stupid mess whose only virtues are that it isn't in 3-D and that it is slightly better than "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl."
August 21, 2009
The movie is as lumpy and misshapen as a giant booger.
August 21, 2009
Yes, I realize this is a kids' movie, but that's no excuse for short-circuiting creativity.
August 21, 2009
The results here are more grueling than imaginative, more moronic than madcap.
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