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May 3, 2014
Zombies with flatulence. The basic descriptions they have for the Zombies on the news pretty much makes it worth watching. Plus it's Danny Elfman and Richard Elfman, so how could you go wrong. You might actually be surprised who is in this one too.
June 19, 2011
While clearly aimed at the younger crowd, Shrunken Heads, even with it's young cast, silly music and slapstic humour, is a blast to watch.
Like most Full Moon releases, the story is pretty simple and straight forward but in this case, thanks to a slightly bigger budget, it works well at telling this "kids" story about street punks and what happens to you when you mess with a neighbourhood with a voodoo priest in it.
June 7, 2011
Nem tudtam, hogy hihetek e a szememnek mik√∂zben a Zsugorfejeket n√ (C)ztem. Adott 3 tizen√ (C)ves fi√ļ, akik szemtan√ļi lesznek egy kocsilop√°snak, az esem√ (C)nyt k√∂vetŇ'en pedig tan√ļskodnak a bŇĪn√∂s√∂k ellen. Az igazs√°g pedig, mint tudjuk vak, √≠gy a tolvajokat szabadl√°bra engedik √ (C)s d√ 1/4htŇ'l f√ļjtatva agyonl√∂vik a 3 tin√ (C)dzsert. A gonosztevŇ'k azonban nem sejtik, hogy √°ldozataik k√∂zeli bar√°ts√°got √°poltak egy nyugd√≠jas voodoo pappal, aki nem rest lev√°gni a 3 halott fi√ļcska fej√ (C)t √ (C)s azokb√≥l √∂sszeaszalt kis zsugorfejeket csin√°lni (pont olyanok, mint a Harry Potter √ (C)s az azkabani fogolyban l√°that√≥ kis iz√ (C) a buszban). Ez m√ (C)g nem minden! A zsugorfejek ezt k√∂vetŇ'en gyilkos tri√≥v√° v√°lnak √ (C)s megbosszulj√°k az ellen√ 1/4k elk√∂vetett mer√ (C)nyletet. Aki azt hinn√ (C), hogy egy fej nem tud bossz√ļt √°llni, az nagyon t√ (C)ved, mert bizony tudnak rep√ 1/4lni is, √°ramot lŇ'ni, sŇ't az √°ldozataikat ak√°r zombiv√° is √°t tudj√°k alak√≠tani. Term√ (C)szetesen emellett tartalmaz m√ (C)g a film tinirom√°ncot, sok vicces besz√≥l√°st √ (C)s minŇ's√≠thetetlen√ 1/4l olcs√≥ effekteket. M√°r 3x zuhanyoztam mi√≥ta l√°ttam tegnap, de m√ (C)g mindig mocskosnak √ (C)rzem magam. :))
½ September 17, 2009
This is possibly the worst movie of all time, which is why I bought it and had it shipped here from the US. Read the plot synopsis. It defies my attempts to describe it.
April 14, 2009
Not as crazy as I was hoping, especially considering that this movie is by the guys who did FORBIDDEN ZONE and MODERN VAMPIRES, but it was still a lot of fun. It had the potential to be even nuttier than those films with its absurd plot, but it doesn't really run with the concept the way it could have. Still, I had a lot of fun watching it, and I challenge you to find another movie with a premise that's as nutty as this one (and as fun to describe).
December 25, 2008
Another Full Moon classic, Shrunken Heads is the story of three boys in the city who hang out and read comic books, occasionally getting hassled by the town bullies who keep doing it enough to finally persuade the boys to fight back. First they get them thrown in jail after a failed carjacking, and then the boys steal they lotto slips from a mafia hideout (ran by don boss Meg Foster in a near unrecognizable role) and then the boys are shot dead. With the help of the newsstand/comic book seller Mr. Sumatra, who also poses as a Haitian Voodoo Priest, the boys are resurrected via shrunken heads. One can shoot electricity, another has vampire teeth, and the third and token brotha of the group got a god damn switchblade. This film has a total 50's vibe kids film, but gradually gets ballsy as the minutes go by. Yes, this movie is BEYOND bizarre, which you could credit to writer Matthew Bright and director Richard Elfman (brother to Danny) who both also made the equally bizarre Forbidden Zone. The film is total B-movie material that definitely shrieks Full Moon, and there is a little treat at the beginning in the form of a fun opening credit son composed by Danny Elfman. Silly film, but fun.
½ August 25, 2008
Awesome. I got more than I expected from this one. Definitely recommended for a bad movie night.
May 11, 2008
amazingly crazy b-movie fun, it you enjoy cheese, you'll like this
February 7, 2008
Great B movie, comic book craziness with surprisingly good FX and a star turn by Meg Foster as a transexual mobster.
September 20, 2006
Dark and stupid. The plot tells all:

Three kids are murdered by a gang. Their shrunken heads are brought back life to take revenge upon the gang.

Among the scenes of confusion is a scene in which the head goes inside this girls chest.
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