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February 27, 2010
A great film of mystique, mystery, screenplay brilliance & cinematographic genius on behalf of Minos Papas. Genius seems to run in the family as Minos is the son of Michael Papas-renown film maker from Cyprus.
Everything about " Shutterbug " has the makings of a film worthy of accolades.
And I also give two ups to Minos Papas' selection of a renown and talented cast of actors:THE SHUTTERBUG CAST:

ALEX... Nando DelCastillo

THALIA...Stanislava Stoyanova

MADDOX... Doug Barron

BARBARA...Ariel Blue Sky

NICK...Brett Molé

HARRY...Frank Cadillac

ANGELA...Mary Round

LADY LYDIA...Emily Mitchell

MARY...Ashley Thayer

NIKOLAS...George Morafetis

MATTHEW...Brian Ish

Movie Goers everywhere this film should be top on your list
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