Side Effects Reviews

May 19, 2006
of all the people affected by big drug company scams, do we really care about the ethical dilemmas faced by gorgeous salespeople?
May 11, 2006
A bad movie on a vital topic.
May 11, 2006
While Slattery-Moschkau is obviously coming from a very earnest place -- a card before the final credits compares the annual budget for the pharmaceutical industry to that of her own film -- it doesn't make the overall effort any less clumsy.
May 4, 2006
Spectacularly lame dialogue, stilted direction, amateurish production values and a soundtrack that distracts from the film as a whole.
December 8, 2005
It's when the film loses the laughs and turns into a heavy-handed melodrama in the third act that the film sputters.
September 30, 2005
This scrappy look at the pharmaceutical industry is a hard pill to swallow.
September 12, 2005
The material is all there to be a scathing, timely commentary on the pharmaceutical industry - when presented this way, it's a watered down version of the truth.
March 21, 2005
With enough material for a nice short, Side Effects is stretched past the breaking point at ninety-nine minutes.