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January 7, 2016
Devout to its journey's cause thanks to superb lead performances and a wonderful screenplay by Payne and Jim Taylor, Sideways is just like an excellent pinot: rich in many wonderful flavours, capturing middle-life's joyful highs and painful lows.
½ January 3, 2016
Funny sad one of best movies duels of all time overall highly recommend it Payne does it agin by giving us a another great story people dealing with lives harsh realities
½ December 13, 2015
I have yet to see a bad film directed by Payne. The 4 main characters have depth and meaning as does the film. I love the way this movie is filmed and the dialogue is sublime. Some movies just work and leave you wanting more.... It's rare one over two hours can do that.
November 1, 2015
This movie gave me all the feels (and also reminded me why I love Paul Giamatti)... and made me want to go pour a nice glass of pinot.
½ October 25, 2015
10/24/15 After our recent trip to Napa Valley, it just seemed appropriate to watch this again. I had already seen it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it the second time through as well. It is pretty funny what a mess these 2 guys are, and it is entertaining watching them bumble through the week. We were told in Napa that this film single-handedly killed the Merlot varietal of wine, and I am shocked by that. It was just one line in the film! (He says he will NOT drink Merlot). We also learned that the 1961 wine that he has been saving is indeed a Merlot! This film is somewhat of a classic and probably a must see for most adults.
½ October 16, 2015
3.5 stars for this life pondering drama. Miles is single and middle aged with the shallow perks and deep unhappiness that brings. Pinot noir is a thin skinned grape, wine is always changing and alive, red and white are just about the skins. Happy ending as miles connects with mya, who for some reason is interested in him. His friendship with jack is another interesting theme. Movie discusses the 'male menopause'.
October 11, 2015
One of the best movies I have ever seen and one in which the funnier scenes improve upon that I'm in that age bracket and have had many opportunities slip by, and perspective changes with each passing year, this is a film to relish and laugh both at and laugh with, much as I laugh at myself as I, too, fumble through life with varying levels of success
½ September 12, 2015
Sideways is easily recognizable as Alexander Payne movie. Slow paced, oscillating between funny and truly sad scenes. The dialogs are rambling (unless you are a wine snob yourself) and the male characters are such a mess, I didn't have much sympathy for them. On the bright side, the scenery and the atmosphere of the California wineries is familiar and realistic.
September 10, 2015
This was too slow and with too few plot points to keep me interested. I really couldn't believe the characters or their interactions. The scenes which should have been funny were only mildly amusing. 1001
August 22, 2015
Funniest film i've ever seen but not the best. The Wallet scene is still the funniest and this film just made me wet myself
August 19, 2015
Powerful acting and incredibly intelligent, this movie is a treat. It might not be as fast paced as expected but like all road trips, it has its lulls and its adventures!
August 17, 2015
This is one of my top five movies of all time. I love it.
½ August 6, 2015
Coming of age road trip movie for middle age kids.There is not one thing that is not well done in this,one of the best movies of 2004.
Super Reviewer
½ August 4, 2015
Giamatti's manic self-loathing is the films' greatest aspect, but Payne has written and directed a mature and humorous drama.
½ August 3, 2015
this film is quite easy and kinda kind work. I watched after recommendation and haven't complained. The picture is not perfect but there are many scenes which you will remember for a long time. I still don't get why this movie gets so much mixed reviews.
July 31, 2015
this film is quite easy and kinda kind work. I watched after recommendation and haven't complained. The picture is not perfect but there are many scenes which you will remember for a long time. I still don't get why this movie gets so much mixed reviews.
½ July 27, 2015
A solid, and often entertaining road movie, lead superbly by a tremendous performance from Paul Giamatti.
½ July 14, 2015
A sophisticated and heartfelt comedy all about wine tasting and midlife crisis's. Both Church and Giamatti have good chemistry.Miles (Giamatti) is a depressed man stuck in his own life seeking change but is not 100% sure with even himself on change, a very believable character. Jack (Church) is man with a lust for life which gets him a lot of trouble, which gets on my nerves every once in a while and there is a slight lack of character development. I do like montage while they're driving that have the multiple screens. It just looks different in a good way. Overall "Sideways" is a fun and smart comedy that is quite good and worth watching.
½ June 28, 2015
Alexander Payne knows how to bring out the best in people, and he knows how to bring out the worst. He mixes so many emotions into one film that you can't help but feel enlightened once the credits role. And that's just what Sideways is. Genial. Rejuvenating, poignant, witty, hilarious, a near perfect film.
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