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May 2, 2012
This is a movie you must see. There will be things you will immediately understand and things that you won't. But it is unforgettable.
½ December 30, 2011
This movie's general statement consists in trying to 'spruce up' Bach by creating some sort of "bold" audio-visual statement with his music, in some sort of hyper-aware, almost ironical manner. The film's main message is mainly to state that Bach's music is not good enough anymore to be enjoyed 'plain'; it has to be "shifted" towards some sort of cinematic performance art in which the music is never enough: it has to be accompanied by a dancing clavichord, with said clavichord being dumped in the ocean later on; music students playing the Prelude to the first Cello suite in a moving subway train in unison (see how clever the director is?); a dude in a bad powdered wig pretending to be Bach while doing out-of-synch mimicry to the music and all kinds of stupid nonsense and other 'artistic' gimmicks.

The point is that the music this film tries so hard to "spice up" is in reality a trillion times better, deeper, more nuanced and more beautiful that whatever hipster statement the filmakers where trying to convey here. Bach's music is a colorful, infinita, intricate tapestry that doesn't need 'help' or homages. It needs to be listened to, without distractions, in a manner in which every synapse is focused on the music. This film, on the other hand, is basically like trying to wipe your ass with a Rembrandt to make yourself look interesting.

Bach's music will live on forever, while no one will remember this piece of shit in two years.
September 9, 2009
Some sequences are more compelling than others, but overall, this is an engaging film. Recommend highly. Good luck finding it in any medium other than 35mm.
August 22, 2009
Three stars for the music. I didn't really go for what The New Yorker called a "blend of documentary, drama, and quasi-surrealist whimsy" -- for me the various bits didn't gel into any powerfully cohesive whole.
August 22, 2009
From the 32 SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLENN GOULD school of music biopics comprising semi-avant garde vignettes, Portabella's film reminds us that Bach's music lives everywhere, including showers occupied by naked women.
½ May 24, 2008
It is hard to describe what this movie is about, other than saying that it is about the music of Bach. There are about two dozen vignettes of things that involve Bach's music -- some of them modern, like a truck driver who plays Bach on his bassoon in the evening to relax. Others are reenactments of the life of Bach himself. A bit of a mixed bag -- some of the segments were fairly interesting, and others not so much. The lack of a continuing plot or characters through the film made it hard to care about seeing it through to the end -- you had the feeling that you could get up and leave halfway through without missing anything.
May 22, 2008
es una pelicula rara, por lo mismo merece ser vista :), sobre todo si te flipa Bach
May 11, 2008
Visually stunning, unpredictable, and strangely brilliant, filled with uplifting music, unexpected detail, and a profound message about the way Bach lives on today, both musically and spiritually.
½ March 24, 2008
Decebedora. Alguna metàfora visual inspirada, però, en general, és un film sonso, amb millors pretensions que resultats, tot i que les tesis d'en Portabella són encomiables.
½ March 23, 2008
No story but visually and musically stunning!!!!
½ March 19, 2008
Really no plot, more of an explanation of why music is so important and how it moves us. Worth seeing in a theater for the sound projection.
March 13, 2008
Para sentarse a mirar y disfrutar un ratito.
½ March 5, 2008
This movie is beautiful. The gorgeous soundtrack was expected, but the visuals were an unexpected bonus. I really liked the subway scene. I look forward to watching it again on DVD, though it won't compare to seeing it on the big screen.
½ March 2, 2008
The moment the film presenter said "the movie is plotless" i knew I was in trouble. I can't really say anything else besides what terrible tribute (or lack of) it made to Bach. People even fell asleep during the screening. Let's spare the shockingly painful details and skip to the part where...well, I say the movie sucks.
February 23, 2008
pretentious and false at the same time
February 22, 2008
There are many precious scenes on which some people get to say funny, kind of sarcastic, stuff! That combination is quite rare in films these days. I also cried 3 times, but that, as you know, just means I was in the theater.
½ February 18, 2008
an almost accessible documentary from an avant-garde director! See it if you love the music of Bach, well who doesn't? The movie has an interesting way of telling us how Bach has transformed Europe and how powerfully his music can fill the world!
½ February 13, 2008
This film was so cool. I can't stop thinking about it.
February 13, 2008
aquesta pel.licula te moments preciosos (tots els directament relacionats amb la musica), pero despres trobo que els trossos narratius no aporten res... visualment es brutal, i m'agrada molt el protagonisme que tenen els instruments musicals.
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