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August 6, 2013
Written and directed by William Fairchild (John and Julie (1955) and The Extra Day (1956)), this film was based on the 1956 book Commander Crabb by Marshall Pugh. This true life war film shows a side of the way that the history books and documentaries usually forget about, and how one brave man helped to topple the forces of the Italians in the Mediterranean, and it's got a good cast. In 1941, the Alexandria was sunk by a new form of "human torpedo" developed by the Italians. The British know they cannot let the Italians succeed, so they call upon maverick diver Lionel 'Buster' Crabb (Laurence Harvey) to help put a stop to this. Crabb is flown out to Gibraltar where the British have a vast naval base, Crabb gets together a team to try and find out how this is happening, including Seaman Knowles (Michael Craig), Able Seaman Fraser (Nigel Stock), Able Seaman Morgan (Alec McCowen) and Chief Petty Officer Thorpe (Sid James), plus they find they're being spied on by the Italians, across the water in Spain. It's a good war thriller, and it makes for a good story, and one side of how we would win the war, showing it wasn't just Germany we were at war with, it was the Italians as well. But Harvey makes a good hero in this rousing film, it has some good set pieces, and Gibraltar comes out well on film.
June 18, 2009
I guiess to start tis is just to say this: If you enjoyed the film, Thunderball then see this If you did not then skip this.
The film is about a true man who was a British frogman. The film is not that bad.
THe movie was either released in 58 or 59, The VHS sleeve says its 59.
This site says 58. A not bad movie. Just a bit too much of emphasizing on an old idea. The acting is good but a bit drawn out. the beginning is good, the middle is then beginning to wear a little thuin, then the ending is what I wanted it to be.
I like the underwater fight scenes. well done. some in wet suits and some arent.
the Frogmen want to distroy a few ships and they do.
I want to know what the director was thinking about. some scenes were bad and some good.
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