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½ January 4, 2016
Not a terrible film by any means. But there was a ton of wasted opportunity here, and that's apparent almost immediately after the film begins. The actors do their very best, but with stilted dialogue, under-explained (and often rushed) twists and turns in the plot, and a paucity of the expert cinematography that defined its predecessor, even the talents of Trinity, Boromir, Jon Snow, and Alex the droog (yes, Malcolm McDowell is in this for some reason, and he only has one scene!) do nothing more than tread water.
Side note: I find it absolutely hilarious that even though the film is set in the U.S., only one of the five top-billed actors (the brilliant Ms. Moss) is actually from North America.
December 4, 2015
First of all, I have played most of the games in the franchise so I'm very familiar with the story of the series and how it should feel like. That being said, this movie did not dissapoint me, I have to admit. Even with the awful reviews it's got, I still find enjoyment in it! The story picks up after the first movie, just a lot of years later. We follow Harry and Heather Mason as they find a new town to settle in, and just as they were getting comfortable, people from Silent Hill come and take Harry as a bait to lure Heather to come as well. Now, Heather has become friends with Vincent, from school. I won't spoil what happens, but I'll just say that it wasn't very unexpected. I saw it coming from miles ago. Anyways, the main problem I have with the movie is the story. It's interesting, and the source material is brilliant, but the movie feels like a speedrun of the game (third one). So much stuff happens in these 90 minutes that it's very hard not to get confused at parts. Also, some characters/monsters are introduced and killed off, like, a minute afterwards. Everything that has potential gets cut off too soon. The ending is also quite anticlimactic. There's a "big" fight between Pyramid Head and some other creature/monster. It's just ridiculous, but cool looking. Now, to the good parts of the movie. The atmosphere is amazing! I love the look and the style of the movie. It really feels like the game and sometimes it can get pretty disturbing. The gore effects look fake, but they're satisfying. The creatures/monsters look very cool. Especially Pyramid Head, who looks stunning, though they kind of messed up his "sword"... Akira Yamaoka did the soundtrack so it's quite obvious it's great! I appreciate the little Easter eggs in the movie, like when at the ending the trucker that picks Heather and Vincent up is being driven by Travis Grady, the main character of Silent Hill Origins. All in all, this movie probably won't be liked by people who have not played the game, and also people who have played the game and were expecting Hollywood to make an actual good horror movie based off of a game. I would recommend only to people who liked the game and can handle a not-so-good adaptation.
½ November 9, 2015
Is has potential to be really good but chances are it will be really fucking bad.
½ November 9, 2015
Hello Kids!

My name is Micheal J. Bassett and I think this one videogame, which is very well known as "Silent Hill", is good stuff. So I'll make a film about it, because I'm a so called "director". What does everything from the horror genre need? Right! Stupid romance scenes! So this is where I should start of. But an innocent little teenage kiss alone, sadly isn't enough, so I also need a totally random nonsense plot, a pseudo-deep conversation about the fact that reality and dream may not be opposites like school taught you kids, a few jumpscares here and there because I don't know how to scare people with just words, visual content and atmosphere, an epic battle with Pyramide Head and some sexy mutant bitch, boring characters, and of course! Many plotholes and logicial issues. This is how you make a masterpiece my little friends! And because I'm a kind guy, I will show you exactly how I put all those genius elements together, to get a fucking fabulous movie out of them which will blow the mind of every horrorfan!

Okay listen carefully, try to keep your impressment in balance, otherwise your mouth will clap open and if someone walks by, you're called a weirdo. I was called a weirdo in school and it is nooo funnn! So try to overcome that problem right? Right! Okay at the very beginning of my own little masterpiece I just created many what the fuck moments without further explanation. But no one cares anyway, because I was rich enough to buy drugs for the old actors to come back to this shitty set. Isn't this admireable? Not many directors these days accomplish that actually. But well, we get introduced to our little character, who was temporarily named Heather by her father, because they always need a change of place because they're haunted by some cult or something I don't even know... well okay I confess. I just wanted to have a reason to make the hair of the character blond okay? I mean, people like blondes right? And forcing the actress to recolour her hair because she wants to look cool and trendy in school would have needed a little bit too much drugs.. so well like I said, i wanna be honest with you kids .. I just did it for the sake of the money. But don't blame me, okay? You wanted to see a blonde, you get a blonde. Don't complain! Well okay I keep going then.. with a bad introduction in school which would have ended with an expulsion in a normal case, but in this film the teacher is impressed by the pseudo-deep speech of a blonde punk girl. And not only the teacher, also the fucking boy who was actually sent from hell to bring her back into Silent Hill because of some killing stuff and some gods and some body and some sexy sexy time with the nurses. PSSTT! The last part was a little secret of mine, because people who have secrets are mysterious and mysterious people are intelligent, if I remember correctly what stereotypes and my god Hollywood-Senpai told me. So, the boy who has no fucking personality is really interested in that girl and like every romance should go, you can totally see this! Love on the first sight is always the best direction, because it's the easiest to make, cos you know character development is hardcore stuff, only for the big bimbos and pretty much not a good lesson to teach little kids like you, you know. Well okay, in fact it would just cost way too much time, money and braincells for me...But wait, oh no! Someone dies because of [insert explanation/plothole/ or whatevs] monster! OMFG! And our poor main character is considered to be the murderer? Well who cares, in the end of this film no one will ever talk about this part of the masterpiece. So kids, just forget about it, forgetting is good! GOOOD! Oh, and btw the guy who died was a detective who somewhat found out about Silent Hill and wanted to save this girl while telling the cult where she is. Good stuff! But well, because the father is somewhat kidnapped by a moving shadow, the moving shadow man to keep it in fact, our protagonist runs away from home with this nice little love interest guy, what was his name again? ah yes, Jon Snow! Because somewhat he can drive and knows how to steal a car or something. Would be bad if it's totally predictable that he's part of this cult. Yeah would be, good that I hinted my details very well. But well Jon Snow saves the day because of love interest power. They get to a hotel because this guy seriously needs some sleep and in the hotel they fucking talk and they kinda confess and oh, the nice plottwist that Jon Snow is part of the cult. I also forgot the cultname but Scientology will do anyway. But after a 30 minutes talk, they still seem to get along because Jon thinks that after this short amount of time he can be sure that this bitch isn't an evil demon like it was always taught to him. And he even sees her half naked. This is truly a healthy relationship! Remeber kids, this is how you can find someone to give birth to your babies! But well this girl gets back into Silent Hill after Jon is somewhat kidnapped, I wonder why they didn't just kidnap her as well.. well the dollar in my hand tells me that I shouldn't ask questions that don't have an answer. Wise dollar, this is why you should love money. Money makes you happy with its wisdom. But well, we see a fucking long scene with many jumpscare moments, like some useless female characters who just happen to die because we seriously needed some action, Pyramide Head having fun with knives because playing with fire is old school kids, and a guy who somewhat has a sigil up his ass. It would be a nice plot for my next porn idea, but this isn't something for you kids. Well, that useless sigil is finally in one piece, and what was it for again? Well, in the sexy nurse room we find Jon Snow and have some moaning time and sexy positions, oh I love to service my fans. For some reason in this room are only male characters killed, because this is a fetish film. Don't google it Johnny! What a naughty boy you are! Fetish means finishing something! Alrighty? Good! But well, we finnally hit our climax on an amusement park! JEEY! And get Pyramide Head on a carousel, and the other half of our main character who just happens to think that killing our poor girl would be a good idea after all this effort to make her live the life she always urged for. And because dark haired people are jealous of sexy blondes I guess. And yes I'm talking about you Jenny, I don't like you because your hair is in a dark brown shade. In a society like this we need some light colours! Well, in an epic fight scene which you can encounter in every ordinary romance movie because two women want the same man, our bad half is killed, and Pyramide Head, the true hero of this movie, is finally free. Btw he was on the carousel all the time, and drove it. I wanna have that drugs they seem to seriously work, because I need some more actors for my next sequel. But after we find out that our main antagonist is the sister of the main antagonist of the last film, we also find out that I'm a true genius. I wanted to create some more space for an epic plot, and because all bad people come from the same family, I just added a random sister to the film, which was never mentioned before. Some good stuff! Well somewhat they want to kill our protagonist and her father but Pyramide Head (the one who does most of the work) saves the day and kills our antagonist in an epic fight which ends with a very creative death.

And the sequel is kind of hinted in the end while the father kind of runs away to search for his bitch, while Jon Snow and our protagonist leave Silent Hill and meet a nice probably pedophile trucker who brings them far far away from this town. And you know what? Nobody cares that she's considered a murderer! Nobody! Seriously, nobody..


"Yes, Jon?"

"The police we saw in the last few frames, could it be that they were chasing after yo-"

"No, No! Of course not! They chased a school bus for some reason."

"School busses these days... You can't trust anything anymore."

And this kids, is how you make good films! Because no matter how stupid this film will be, because it's Silent Hill, every fan will check it out, to see it with their own eyes. No matter how much they may hate it, I still have my money. And if you want to become rich this is one of the only ways to accomplish that.

best wishes from your former teacher,

Micheal J. Bassett
October 17, 2015
Wasnt good but wasnt bad either. One of those movies where you dont care to watch it more than once. I liked the first a little more, watched it a few times.
½ October 16, 2015
Not scary but a lot of unneeded action. I was excited for this given how much I liked the first. Unfortunately I left the theatre without any want to really watch it again. No real scares just a lot of fan service with Pyramid head appearing quite often.
½ October 14, 2015
I don't know why everyone hates on this movie. I mean I know It's not the best but it is good. Some Jumpscares and it gets you to actually want to see what will happen next. Nice movie!
½ October 1, 2015
Video game adaptations are uninspired a genre enough without movies like Revelation delivering thinly-written characters, a confusing story, and an utter lack of scares to remind us how much they suck as a whole.
September 23, 2015
Que mediocre, superficial y aburrida continuación de esto. -_-
September 18, 2015
Violently stupid sequel leads to more thrills!
Super Reviewer
½ September 18, 2015
If "revelation" means endless exposition that doesn't reveal absolutely anything about what we already know from the first movie, then it would have been preferable to see something closer to an actual plot or at least more appealing sets, if Bessett had any imagination for that.
½ September 12, 2015
One of the worst, or maybe even the worst movie I have ever laid my eyes on.
½ September 11, 2015
Silent Hill: Revelation lacks virtually everything that made the first film good. It is lazily written, poorly acted, visually substandard, dull, and downright boring.
September 4, 2015
I'm one to base my reviews not on how good the movie may be, but on how much I enjoyed watching it. Silent Hill: Revelation may be a terrible, terrible movie when it comes to dialogue, special effects, acting, and jump scares, but I constantly found myself having tons of fun, regardless of how bad the movie was. From the mannequin scene to the cheesy 3D, this film is probably the campiest I've ever seen. Just don't go into it expecting an amazing movie and I'm sure you'll have a good time.
August 20, 2015
Stupid , pointless !
½ August 17, 2015
okay, so this is based off of silent hill three, and it's total bullshit. other than the unnecessary love story, it isnt that much like the game either. it's truly a disgrace to heather mason
½ August 7, 2015
While the first movie was a surprisingly decent movie for a video game adaptation, "Silent Hill: Revelation" is terrible. You actually think that while watching it, this is a terrible movie. This movie was by someone who knew what happened in Silent Hill 3, but never went any deeper than that. The director obviously had a bunch of scenes that he wanted to film and then they stitched the film together from that and the stitches are clearly visible. "Silent Hill: Revelation" takes everything that was bad about the first film and builds the whole movie around that. This is Silent Hill transformed into a schlocky, splatter house, gore-fest which has almost no respect for where it came from. The only way this film could have pandered more to Western hardcore horror audiences is if Heather Mason wore a bikini for the whole thing. Heather Mason, played by Adelaide Clemens, is, however, the one mildly good thing in the whole film. While she isn't perfect and spends most of the movie running away from danger instead of actually confronting the evil, like every bad horror movie protagonist, she actually makes an effort to be Heather and sort of succeeds. They obviously killed off Douglas Cartland (who actually survives in the game) so that scene time could be turned over to the shoe-horned-in love interest Vincent. While the new design for the Missionary monster is actually quite interesting, the final fight at the end of film is terrible even in this movie, clunky, badly choreographed and painful to watch. "Silent Hill: Revelation" is an embarassment to the franchise and, if Konami actually cared about the franchise, they would never had allowed this film to exist.
July 23, 2015
While the first film was enjoyable, this follow-up falls flat. The acting is..."okay," but the story just doesn't make any sense the scares are almost non-existent.
July 20, 2015
I had so been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since it was announced, but unfortunately it was a major letdown. Personally, I feel like they spent way too much money, energy, and time trying to join the whole 3D craze that had just started to really pick up when this was being made. Everything just seemed to be lacking because of it. The way I see it, Heather Mason was never in any real danger. There was no struggle to survive. Nothing scary happened. Severely disappointing.
½ July 20, 2015
One of the worst films I've ever seen, absolutely terrible.
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