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½ December 21, 2018
Slow-moving and boring, even for this series.
November 9, 2018
Better than average slasher film that was surprisingly directed and co-written by iconoclastic director Monte Hellman ("Two Lane Blacktop" "The Shooting" "Cockfighter" "China 9, Liberty 37"). This direct-to-video sequel would be Hellman's second to last film, until he made "Road to Nowhere" over 20-years later. This third sequel has the Santa Claus Killer Richard "Ricky" Caldwell, a deranged man obsessed with Old St. Nick, awakened from his coma after a blind woman makes a psychic connection with him, who he then stalk for the remainder of the film. Caldwell is played by genre regular Bill Moseley, Chop-Top from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" and Otis in "The Devil's Rejects," which adds tremendously to the fun of the film, where he sports a visible man style transparent dome over the top half of his skull, to repair damage from the first two films, where the audience can see right into his brain cavity. Hellman delivers effective suspense and plenty gory special effects, which are sure to please horror fans, but it's the film's black humor that sets it apart from the more pedestrian first two films, making this this best of the rather lack luster five films in this series. The only reason the original film ever spawned a sequel was due to the notoriety it gained due to the controversy surrounding its use of killer in a Santa Clause outfit with an axe. Also bolstering the film over it's predecessors, it features 1960s hunks Richard Beymer ("West Side Story" "The Haunting" "Twin Peaks") and Robert Culp ("I Spy" "Hickey & Boggs" "The Greatest American Hero") in supporting roles. Overall, I don't think this is necessarily a film I'd recommend for fans of Hellman's prior films, unless you're also a fan of 80s slasher films (which I am). It will likely appeal more to fans of oddball comedy/horror films along the lines of TCM2, "Sleepaway Camp" or "Slumber Party Massacre."
August 5, 2017
There is really nothing quite like Bill Mosely, with his brain mounted ON TOP of his head, killing Santa Clause..and then, with yet A HAT, on top of brain on top of head, eating Grandma's cookies! I do enjoy the simple things in life. Merry x-mas!
½ June 6, 2017
Okay, so digging further into this franchise things get even stranger as the killer awakes from a coma with a shared mental connection to a young girl that he immediately begins to stalk.

Rental, for completists only.
December 26, 2016
... Monte Hellman? Really? Yes, really! And it was only partly terrible
February 18, 2016
I don't know what else you would be expecting from a title like this. So this is about the psychotic Ricky Caldwell (Bill Mosely) who wakes up from a coma. He's got murder on the mind, and is hellbent on pursuing a blind woman that he shares a psychic connection with (Samantha Scully). As stated previously, I am very far behind on the number of movies I have to catch up on and write feature length reviews on. The reason behind this is because of my Oscar crunch, which means I have been watching a lot of high quality movies, so when something as unmemorable Silent Night, Deadly Night III this got thrown into the mix, I have to admit that the majority of my memory is faded when it comes to specifics. I am having a lot of difficulty remembering this movie that I watched over a couple of cold ones while friends were in town for the Christmas holiday, but I do remember that a whole lot of nothing happens. Now you can call me presumptuous for thinking that I can just jump on for the third installment without knowing the running story from the first two Silent Night, Deadly Night movies, but you know, I've got gall like that. It's not something that I typically do, but it's not like I missed that much, honestly. It is not long before the harps start to play and we get flashbacks from the first movie. Seriously, so much of this is stock footage and a white room, and it is as schlocky as you would imagine a movie having this long of a title would be. Even the basic stuff is ineptly executed, like knowing when to cut a shot, or figuring out how a scene should play out so as to lead into the next. My whole point against this is ultimately the reason why anyone would choose to watch this. When you shed everything else away, the whole purpose behind watching this is to see some cool kills. Silent Night, Deadly Night III can't even get that right, and there is nothing you walk away retaining after the end credits roll. The only thing that I can even actively recall from this is a bizarre one-liner at the end where one of our heroes asks the killer, "Is it live or is it Memorex?" before attempting to execute our antagonist. So much of this clunky film is just waiting for something to happen, and you are going to keep checking your watch, because this movie is almost entirely padding.
December 22, 2014
In terms of the awful acting and utterly confused direction, it's about as bad as part 2, but without the eyebrow dancing antics of Eric Freeman, it's not as memorable.
½ December 16, 2014
Not outright annoying like Part 2, just incredibly dull.
½ December 29, 2013
At least Part II was "so bad it was good". Unwatchable.
½ December 13, 2013
Nonsensical and lethargic three-quel with a tenuous (at best) connection to the prior installments. Unique solely in its choice of a blind protagonist with a psychic connection to a killer walking around with an exposed brain encased in plexiglass. Not creative enough to stand out and not off-the-wall enough to be so bad it's good; it's just a snooze.
½ September 27, 2013
This was the WORST, MOST BORING FILM IN THE SERIES and I haven't even seen part 4 and 5 yet!! This movie made zero sense and was a mockery to part 1 and 2. It was so dull and boring that it honestly didn't hold my attention and I couldn't even tell you I remember the names of the characters. Just plain STUPID. Such a massive disappointment!!!
½ September 24, 2013
It's a sparse Christmas to be sure. No plot, paper-thin premise, bad acting, and it's a sequel. However, If you're a fan of SN/DN 1 and 2 or a huge Monte Hellman fan, then it's not without a certain appeal but other than that, you're safe to miss this one.
½ August 13, 2013
much like the lead character who is blind. i do not recomend seeing this movie
June 16, 2013
Psychic communicates with a comotose Ricky, who emerges very limber for another killing spree on Christmas Eve. Technically far superior than the first two, with Monte Hellman of all people directing; but not any more enjoyable.
½ March 20, 2013
As much as I love a good Silent Night, Deadly Night flick... this is not a good Silent Night, Deadly Night flick. I can go with the killer not dying and having a weird skull cap that allows you to see his brain. I can even go with the "psychic" connection motif. The blind girl allows for the predictable turn off the lights now we're on the same turf scene (even if it is short lived). But how can you have a slasher film of this caliber and not have any gore. In fact, practically all the kills are done off screen!!!
Very disapointing.
February 17, 2013
Oddly, this direct-to-video sequel to the classic Christmas slasher film is directed by the famed Monte Hellman, who helmed Two-Lane Blacktop. But there is really not any trace of his artistry here; instead, we have pretty much what you would expect from the third entry in a slasher series: a mediocre horror film that has to introduce some new oddities to keep itself interesting. This film introduces us to a young psychic woman who also happens to be blind, and she is in the process of trying to contact the grown-up Ricky. Played by cult favorite Bill Moseley, Ricky didn't die, but had his brain reconstructed and is now in a coma. Of course, the psychic prodding wakes Ricky up just in time for Christmas. Stupid, derivative, and predictable, it is nonetheless a funny and reasonably entertaining late-80s slasher.
February 2, 2013
A blind teen is undergoing an experiment in which she subconsciously taps into the mind of serial killer Ricky Caldwell telepathically to try to awaken him from his comatose state. After another failed attempt, she heads off on vacation over the Christmas holiday, but she inadvertently sends Ricky images of his most hated holiday that awaken him from his mental prison with only one thing on his mind: Revenge? Fearing that there was far too much good celluloid left in the world, Monte Hellman, acclaimed director of nothing, set out to waste as much as possible with another awful sequel to SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. Although it is no worse than the last film (no film ever could be), it is certainly less enjoyable. The hilarious overtures of "actor" Eric Freeman are sorely missed here, as Bill Moseley takes over for him in the role. Moseley is only given a couple of lines and forced to wear a ridiculous fishbowl over his exposed brain throughout the entirety of the film, sans Santa suit. The Z-movie plotting immediately falls back into a tedious stalk-and-slash routine with few deaths and very little gore. Avoid.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
January 22, 2013
This film is poop, but the cast made up of Bill Moseley and Twin Peaks vets more than make up for it.
½ January 17, 2013
god knows how this crap got made?? it makes no.2 look like a masterpiece. no real gore,no frights,some actually god awful acting. the film makes little sense. the killer walks around with his brain on show threw a see threw hat?? that of course doesn't stop people picking him up while hitch hiking ?? or batting a eyelid when he's walking about. it's a bit weird that the blind psychic lady's brothers girlfriend is her spitting image??? just avoid at all cost
½ January 13, 2013
Even Bill Moseley couldn't save this one.Audiences shouldn't laugh at a movie that's trying to freak them out. The blind girl was funny too.
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