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½ July 18, 2006
When watching this film and you see the great Chris Cooper playing a dim-witted politician, you won't be able to help relating it to real life. But this movie goes beyond satirising our incompetent President, it goes beyond just dark's making a social statement on different levels. The environmental issue is brought up; as well as ethics and corrupt campaign processes, feelings toward undocumented individuals as well as family dysfuntion issues. The great ensemble cast helps bring many different opinions into perspective through different characters who go through different things and are all at different stages of their respective emotional and spiritual breakdowns. At first view, the movie might seem pointless and contrived, but give it a second chance or at least let it sink in for a day or two before you decide that it sucked for you! Daryl Hannah delivers a very understated, yet very fuc&ed-up performance! That's a good thing for her!
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½ June 13, 2008
Nice satire and goofy imitation of W moving up in politics.
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½ August 22, 2005
"Silver City" starts out badly for Colorado gubernatorial candidate, Dicky Pilager(Chris Cooper) who is a son of a current U.S. Senator(Michael Murphy) and none too bright. While filming a campaign ad, supposedly showing off his fishing skills, Pilager reels in something quite unexpected - a dead body. His chief advisor, Chuck Raven(Richard Dreyfuss), works quickly at damage control and deftly employs an investigator, Danny O'Brien(Danny Huston), and gives him a list of three possible people who would most want to embarrass his candidate. O'Brien who is a disgraced former reporter goes beyond the call of duty by not only interviewing the listed people but also going deeper into the matter of the floating body.

One of the strengths of John Sayles' movies in the past is how they have been cast but "Silver City" is seriously lacking in this department. Dreyfus' belicosity(didn't he also do the right-wing thing in "The American President?") and Danny Huston who is not really fit to play the lead seriously hurt the movie. Cooper is wasted playing a one-dimensional character. Of the large cast, Maria Bello playing a reporter/ex of Obrien, James Gammon as a wily sheriff and Daryl Hannah as Pilager's sister come off best. And it's great seeing Tim Roth in anything...

"Silver City" is the first John Sayles movie I have been disappointed by.(The only one I have not seen is "Baby It's You.") It's quite similar to other multi-character socially relevant movies that Sayles has made like "Lone Star" and "City of Hope" but this time there is simply too much going on. It might have worked had the campaign been used only as window dressing but the caricatures of Bush and Rove(as personified by Pilager and Raven, respectively) serve as distractions from the main storyline. (Technically I agree with Sayles' politics but I think one has to go beyond simply criticizing the President and his lackey and make positive suggestions as to how the world should be run. Sayles to his credit does concern himself with the environment and how migrant workers are treated. He is also quite cynical of mainstream media and sees potential in how the World Wide Web is used in disseminating news.) Even worse, we never get to see any of the other candidates. Pilager is shown to be a right-wing demagogue but it is never explicitly stated that he is a Republican. Overall, Sayles sacrifices character and story to make a political point in "Silver City". It cannot compare with the infinitely better "Bob Roberts" as an examination of a right-wing political campaign.
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½ March 11, 2012
There's no doubt that John Sayles has made better films than "Silver City", but that doesn't mean that his film is inferior. No, it has a great deal to offer, such as a top-notch cast, clever writing, and spot-on editing. The film's pacing and inconsistent camerawork may try the patience of some, but there is an engaging story here.
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July 7, 2009
Although I appreciate the efforts to implore the audience to see George Dubya in Chris Cooper's character, it's all a little too obvious. Not to mention the rest of the acting is sort of horrible at times and it's too long. It also seems more like a made for TV movie than a feature film.
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July 7, 2008
Tries hard, but doesn't come to much.
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½ September 9, 2006
Now, I'm sure I would probably give this film a higher rating if I had been more able to pay attention to it (too many interruptions) but from what I did see it had a few flaws. For one, there were waaay too many characters; it kind of watered it down, and made it jump a bit too much and not really focus on any one point for more than a moment. The political satire was pretty good, but it was a bit dry and not particularly funny, especially when it lasted about 45 minutes longer than it needed to. If they would have worked on those points it would have been a lot better, but it just seemed too busy. But other than that it was fairly decent, although I would personally never want to watch it again, lol.
May 20, 2011
another winner from one of the great under appreciated American directors, great emsenable cast really brin gs this multi-layered story about politics.
½ July 10, 2007
Part political satire, part thriller. The satire part works, but with about half an hour left the tone seems to change and the result is a little less satisfying. Still the ensemble does good work and it's hard to dislike a Sayles film. Worth a look.
½ July 12, 2007
I liked this for 2 reasons: 1 - It has a great cast, Danny Huston is one of the most underappreciated actors out there, cooper is always great, and dreyfuss is great in his best role in years. 2 - I love political drama/comedies. This one is more of a drama, but it is serious in the right way - it's complicated and it doesn't focus on republican/democrat, but rather on campaign backers regardless of party, which is something that voters need to pay attention to.
½ July 29, 2015
Average Sayles fare.
½ April 25, 2012
I usually like John Sayles but this one is a little more complicated..and like with all his films nothing is ever tied up in a nice bow at the end ..good performance by Chris Cooper..I only wish the movie was more about him instead of the Danny Huston character,still it's an interesting companion piece to Fast Food Nation.
½ March 14, 2012
It's inconsistent in tone. The lead is uninteresting. Seems a bit unfocused at times. Not a total mess, but one that could have benefited from a bit more fine-tuning.
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½ March 11, 2012
There's no doubt that John Sayles has made better films than "Silver City", but that doesn't mean that his film is inferior. No, it has a great deal to offer, such as a top-notch cast, clever writing, and spot-on editing. The film's pacing and inconsistent camerawork may try the patience of some, but there is an engaging story here.
½ March 27, 2011
Love Chris Cooper (doing a nice Dubya impression no less), but I didn't get the point of this movie at all.
February 14, 2010
A disappointment from a stellar actor (Cooper) and director (Sayles).
½ December 17, 2007
Dull and uneven. John Sayles doesn't do much with his large and excellent cast.
½ October 28, 2006
(1 out of 10)

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½ July 9, 2006
A press opportunity and campaign commercial shoot for dimwitted gubernatorial candidate Dickie Pilager (Cooper) is disrupted when a dead body is discovered. Take-no-prisoners campaign manager Chuck Raven (Dreyfuss) hires burned-out-reporter turned private detective Danny O'Brien (Huston) to investigage possible links between the Pilager family and the corpse so he can institute damage control if he needs to. O'Brien uncovers far more than anyone had expected, and he drawn into a high-stakes political conspiracy involving billion dollar real estate development deals and illegal alien smuggling.

That summary of "Silver City" maikes it sound far more interesting than it is. This 2004 movie is so heavy-handed in its political messages (Republicans/Conservaitves ALL bad and evil and corrupt and stupid, Democrats/Liberals ALL good and pure and civic-minded and brilliant); the satire not even approaching clever or insightful, but merely recycled George Bush jokes that were old in 2001; and the mystery that Danny O'Brien investigates is drap and ultimately of a "so what"? variety. (But, it mostly becomes that due to the unrelenting, hackneyed political screeds that passes for the script and plot in this piece of junk.)

This could have been a decent political thriller with satirical overtones if it hadn't been helmed by what I can only assume are a bunch of frothing fanatics. "Silver City" is the political equivilant of a third-rate drama airing late at night that Christian cable channel--if you're a True Believer, you'll think it's thrilling and funny. If you're even the least bit able to see that politics and politicians is far from a black and white game, and that no one rises to the top by being an idiot, and that no one is pure evil or pure sweetness and light, you will find this film to be a total waste of your time.

The only positive thing I can say about "Silver City" is that the cast all turn in excellent performances. I particuarly enjoyed Danny Huston, Billy Zane, and Daryl Hannah. I might even have liked Chris Cooper if his character had been just a tad more original and better written... but he did what he could with the unfunny crap he was working with.

I think the many glowing and fawning reviews this movie--which stinks worse than the corpse that ruins Dickie Pilager's film shoot--can be used as evidence for right-wingers who like to cry about liberal media bias. Only someone who is so severely brainwashed they're a mind-numbed robot could give this film anything approximating a positive review.

Silver City
Starring: Danny Huston, Chris Cooper, Richard Dreyfuss, Maria Bello, Daryl Hannah, and Billy Zane
Director: John Sayles
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