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December 19, 2014
Fun and "groovy" 70's witch flick. Not really a horror film, but with some horror trappings. Surprising darkly comedic touches throughout. Andrew Prine's performance as Simon really caries the film.
February 3, 2014
Simon is an odd character and an odd film and actually pretty tame considering the subject matter. It's not nearly as 'anti-establishment' as it would like to be and, somehow, it manages to avoid becoming pure camp. It you're a fan of odd 70's psychedelic cult fantasy, here you go.
May 28, 2012
Trippy early 70's hippie flick with Andrew Prine, very low budget and nothing special in the way of special effects, but a really well written, witty script and a nice streak of cynicism running through the whole piece. One of the great C-Movies.
½ January 5, 2012
I wasn't sure what I was getting into with this one, and since it turns out to more 'groovy' than 'horror' oriented I'm still a little conflicted about what my feelings are towards it. It's an interesting watch, but felt more like a 'cult' film than a true horror movie, which was what I was expecting.

But if you ever wanted a movie to give you acid trips and witchcraft in the same scene, this is definitely the film for you.

½ February 20, 2011
Holy ascots and skin-tight pants, dude! An oddity and arguably a unique film that serves as both an alternative take on occult cinema and a campy expedition into the darkest reaches of 1970. While this is by no means a great film, you haven't seen anything else quite like it.

Simon is a wizard who lives in a storm drain and does magical odd jobs for money. He winds up at a party and gets involved with society, winding up in conflicts between law enforcement and drug dealers, entangled in other people's romantic lives, and generally getting distracted from his main goal... becoming a god. He lays down curses, does a little sex magic, and delivers weird philosophy that could only be delivered by a reincarnated Barry Gibb lookalike on acid.

This is by no means a horror film, although there are a couple of deaths and one is somewhat bloody. There are a lot of comic elements, particularly in a scene between Simon and a coven of Wiccans led by Warhol Factory alumnus Ultra Violet, and scattered throughout just about whenever it comes to sex. There are elements of farce here, particularly in a scene in which Simon works his "magic" to relieve his sidekick of a bout of priapism. If anything, this is probably classed best as a comedy/drama set in an occult milieu. "Simon: King of the Witches" is also noteworthy for featuring some of the earliest CG effects in film, having been done when the technology was in its embryonic stage (watch for the scene when Simon steps through the mirror to catch this).

This is a flawed film in many ways; the acting isn't uniformly good. Andrew Prine as Simon can really chew up the scenery and there are moments when one would have to be pretty blind to not notice that he was blasted out of his head on whatever those crazy hippie kids were doing back in 1970. Some of the supporting cast falls pretty flat, particular the ones playing the establishment figures, maaaaan. There's even one scene during which a cameraman is clearly visible in the reflection on the side of a car as Simon and his assistant Linda pull up to the curb. Nonetheless, this one's got plenty of fun moments and there's a definite carnival atmosphere about much of it that communicates to the viewer off the screen and across the decades. Not a classic, but not junk, either. Worth checking out if you're into 70's cinema, always wanted to be a sorcerous hippie, or could use an antidote to Harry Potter. This one will stick with you for awhile despite its shortcomings.
March 6, 2010
Fairly hilarious dark comedy which satirizes both hipster witchcraft and the conventions of supernatural cinema. Simon starts out living in a storm drain, aspiring to godhood while easily impressing his swinging, clueless hustler buddy. Andrew Prine is pretty fun as the bemused, verbose lead, and wreaks a vague vengeance on the contemptuous squares who try to bring him and his down.

There's a ridiculous black mass led by Ultra Violet, interrupted by Simon and his horndog pal. Then, a couple of silly magic rod charging rituals on Simon's behalf. The first of which fails due to excess lust, which is corrected by the substitution of a campy yet game homosexual as the electric/magnetic element.

The whole thing has an intentionally absurd self-importance, with timely anti-establishment and pro-experimentation overtones. But the script is very amusing, and Prine's performance is so loonily self-assured that it carries along well.
½ April 14, 2009
Intresting weird hippie satire marketed as a sort of exploitation flick. It's no Werewolves on Wheels but it words.
½ March 3, 2009
It's not really a horror movie. More of a satire on the hippie movement. Instead of dwelling on the whole supernatural possibilities of witchcraft, this movie takes it for granted that this guy is a warlock, but sticks with him as he goes about his daily life as well. Nice idea. Some of it is obviously dated, but it was still a cool, fun movie to watch. Andrew Prine was really good in it.
½ February 24, 2009
Very fun early 70s flick about Simon, a warlock who wants to be a God so much it hurts! Not much gore, just a little nudity, but all sorts of hilarious hippie stereotypes and delightfully crap-tastic special effects.
October 22, 2008
More psychedelic satire than horror, and absolutely pitch-perfect in its depiction of a basement dwelling warlock hanging out and hexing with a bunch of '70s California hipsters.
October 1, 2008
i admit i was interested in this movie because the mars volta used the poster for a shirt design. but after watching it i was quite impressed. magnetic CHARGE. electric CHARGE.
July 22, 2008
Magnetic! Electric! Charge, charge!
July 1, 2008
July 1, 2008
A weird drama featuring a "male witch" who gets mixed up with hippies and some squares who doubt his powers. Andrew Prine is awesome in the title role.
Super Reviewer
½ June 30, 2008
Very Ed Wood. Please don't make me see this again.
April 16, 2008
If you want a simple "horror" don't watch this film, or else you'll be disappointed. However if you look upon it more as a story telling things "as they were" then you far less likely to be disappointed. So what with the "dodgy" special effects, and early 70s issues with sexuallity. It's full of humour, and very clever/subtle observations on the Magical "scene" of the late 60s/early 70

It's a great shame, that (as far as I know) it hasn't be re-released on DVD for the British market (apparently you can get it in the States). It should be known of far more widely (at least within TODAYS Pagan circles), as it's plot/content is so much better than a good many latter films(including the Wicker Man!)
February 1, 2008
Probably the best film Simon's ever done
January 15, 2008
a very unique movie. effluvium.
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