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June 5, 2017
Fun, over the top, slasher flick. Don't expect to see Blake Lively until her cameo at the end, bur Crispin Glover plays two roles and his dad is in it too! Kill scenes are creative and gory. Just a step above the average b movie.
September 19, 2015
Too bad he did not say don't watch,nice to see Glover though maybe next time in something interesting.
January 18, 2015
fun low budget slasher which zips along, creative gore scenes and a looney over the top poodle stomping tour de force from crispin glover
½ January 12, 2014
ok i actually liked the story yea it's been overdone but it had a twist but the actors that were chosen killed the movie for me
½ March 25, 2013
A buddy and I get together and watch bad horror movies. Simon Says was selected because of Crispin Glover but I think I can state that this was the worst thing that he has ever done.
½ January 23, 2013
Hilarious movie very entertaining because its so awful
January 9, 2013
A fun B-movie. Crispin Glover tried too hard if you ask me. The pacing of this "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" clone is erratic, the flash-backs that try to set up exposition do little but throw off the groove that the movie tries to build up in the beginning. Expect some decent gore, disposable secondary characters, a dissapointing lack of boobs (Despite some obnoxious teasing!) and an uninspired 'twist' ending that you'll most assuredly see coming. Don't get attached to any of the characters.
½ December 21, 2012
A successful slasher. Simon Says stands out even though its formula is so overused.
½ September 2, 2012
Moron characters that you care about anyway a few minutes before they die, inventive kills, a high gory body count and a demented killer in the form of Crispin Glover.
THIS is how you make an entertaing slasher movie.
July 30, 2012
I liked the bit right at the end...! and one or two bits were funny...! but it sucked
July 28, 2012
Crispin Glover is hilariously creepy
June 1, 2012
I am going to skip this one.
May 26, 2012
This movie is even creepier the third time you watch it. I think BECAUSE you know what's gonna happen, and the first couple of times, you're just kinda overwhelmed by the sheer brutality of it. TRULY twisted.
½ April 27, 2012
Simon Says starts off really shaky and I almost considered turning it off... but then a stoner character picks up a guitar and starts singing "let the fun begin, let the fun begin" as a girl goes off into the wilderness alone. I thought that was a nice nod to the audience and from there on the movie does get fun. It's basically a tongue in cheek backwoods hick horror... think Wrong Turn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's the usual fodder with a group of teens camping in the hills and being picked off one-by-one. Crispin Glover is the one doin' all the killing and for me this was the clincher. I love him. He's such an eccentric and outlandish actor and this movie allows him to parade a variety of characters in one. He plays a set of twins who murdered their parents (his real father Bruce Glover) when they were teenagers and they've lived in the woods ever since. It's not a great movie but for its genre, its hell fun. The gore is creative and very amusing and there's actually some stuff I've never seen before... most notably is a wicked poodle death. I've never seen so many pick-axes flying through the air at once and for that I give Simon Says my thumbs up!
½ April 26, 2012
Rubbish...Really, this movie needed to be made?? It can be thrown in the cupbaord with all the other 'teens go off and get killed' slasher movies. There is nothing interesting or original about this.
Did I use the FF button: yes
Gore: 7/10
Horror: 4/10
Gratuitous nudity 0/10 (I can't remember any and won't go back to look)
If I lost this movie I would: be thankful this stinking turd is out of the house
½ April 18, 2012
it's fucking funny as hell xD
½ March 22, 2012
This movie was cool.....good gore and blood
½ February 5, 2012
Crispin Clover deserves a much better role than this lame slasher flick!
½ January 18, 2012
The blood is the only reason why i gave this movie 1 and a half of a star the acting was kind of bad...really bad and the concept of the story seems...non original....poor movie. Probably shouldnt see this....
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