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½ March 13, 2017
Avec A Simple Twist of Fate, Steve Martin décide de rendre hommage à son côté midinette. Il se retrouve donc dans cette comédie dramatique où un bébé est laissé sur son palier et sur sa lutte pour sa garde une fois son adolescence arrivée. S'il y a quelques scènes où on retrouve le Steve Martin drôle que l'on aime voir, la seconde partie du film est un immense triomphe de mélasse mélodramatique entre Laura Linney, Gabriel Byrne et Martin himself, tous unanimement mauvais. La réalisation de Gillies MacKinnon n'aide pas, tant le rythme est anémique.
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April 14, 2016
Executive produced and written by Martin what else would this be but a star turn vehicle for Martin? Whatever the case, what is finally delivered is quality family entertainment w/o pandering to anyone's intellect. Beginning with the cast listing: mucho big guns, and everyone gets their turn in front of the camera. Very nearly an anti-box office movie, like they planned from the jump to create something families would embrace w/o anyone wearing a cape. A classic.
December 30, 2015
Enjoyed the movie. A good performance by Steve Martin that didn't involve his typical humor.
½ June 2, 2015
Meh... This was just ok.
April 21, 2015
Big story with a little script.
½ December 17, 2014
It's a sappy fairytale for sure, and yet, Martin's little tale of family and love is still endearing enough to get by. A generally warm tone, strong performances, especially from the youngest actresses, and even some very relatable family escapades hit a sweet spot even if the logic can be a little thin.
July 26, 2014
(First and only viewing - 6/23/2010)
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½ May 18, 2014
A moving and entertaining film. A Simple Twist of Fate, nevertheless is not the best of Steve Martin.
February 27, 2014
All is well with the special relationship between a father and his newly adopted daughter until a local politician attempts to come between them. As they fight to remain a family, the bond between father and daughter is strengthened.

stars Steve Martin, Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Catherine O'Hara, Alana Austin Mathilda McCann, Alyssa Austin Mathilda McCann, Stephen Bladwin, Byron Jennings and Michael Des Barres.

directed by Giles MacKinnon.
July 12, 2013
Kind of like a male inversion of 'Baby Boom'. It's less pedestrian and far more ambitious but it's also considerably more flawed and inconsistent. However, its heart is so earnestly in the right place with nothing but the best intentions making it far easier to swallow.
June 19, 2013
While giving a character-breaking performance, Steve Martin's less-than-experienced writing ultimately dooms 'A Simple Twist of Fate' to mediocrity. Featuring a script full of holes and contrivances, it becomes less and less possible to overlook the faults in 'A Simple Twist of Fate' as the film progresses, despite being helmed by strong performances by Martin, Alana and Alyssa Austin.

Final Grade: C-
October 2, 2012
Nice to see Steve Martin in a different kind of role. The idea sounds touching, I just can't get into it.
½ September 17, 2012
Steve Martin is actually good in it because he is not trying to be funny.
½ August 3, 2012
Steve Martin's character gets the ultimate test of time with Raising a daughter & and balancing father duties and other responsibilies. A Simple Twist of Fate is a must watch if you enjoy any 3 of the following things:
1. Comedies
2. Family friendly entertainment
3. Steve Martins wicked humor
It's always a treat to see Steve Martin, and once in a blue moon Steve will grace your with heart and genuinely unconditional love for family values.
June 22, 2012
one of my more favorite Martin perfoirmances, and it's sad that Alana Austin dind't fare better after this role. quirky, funny, touching, and at times absurd, but still a fun watch even years after seeing it in theaters.
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May 5, 2012
a simple story but ultimately misses. the whole concept doesn't sit well and some of the undertones are quite dark
April 11, 2012
Steve Martin in a very serious and dramatic role. It's a film that will make you cry and give you hope. It is based loosely on George Eliot's classic, Silas Marner
½ January 11, 2012
I found this to be an excellent film. If you want to see Steve Martin, in a great dramatic role, then this is a good film to see. I recommend it, highly
October 5, 2011
A real gem for Steve Martin-don't let the cover deceive you -and a brief scene with Steve playing Loch Lomond on the Banjo
September 4, 2011
A wonderful, & more dramatic performance than usual from Steve Martin. The guy is versatile! Enjoyable & touching film.
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