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July 18, 2018
It took 20 years for the most famous television family to finally make the jump to the big screen. This is a good movie and if you are a fan of the television show you will not be disappointed at all. Everyone of the Springfield characters we have come to love and adore has something to do in the film. Homer is at his best, as is Grandpa and Bart. The celebrities are all over the place from Tom Hanks to Greenday and the pacing is good- It just feels like an extended episode. The Simpsons are often said to have jumped the shark some time ago but this film is a healthy reminder that it is still an incredibly witty show with great writers.(Simpsons finally arrive onscreen).
½ July 3, 2018
Hilarious film! If you're a big Simpsons fan, I recommend you see this film.
½ June 24, 2018
The first ten seasons of The Simpsons will always cement why the show is one of the best animated sitcoms to ever air. The Simpsons Movie is actually pretty good, but unfortunately does show the problems that the modern seasons have. Cute, funny, even if not as clever as the first ten seasons.
June 14, 2018
86 minutes and I'm pretty sure I laughed in everyone of them. The Simpsons Movie gives fans (including myself) what they love about the show with its witty social satire and hilariously clever jokes and should be enough for people who don't watch the show to enjoy.
April 30, 2018
The Simpsons Movie is a really funny and entertaining comedy!
½ April 22, 2018
the movie was not the best but better then sanders new movie it had better comedy then most movies that i watched
April 8, 2018
the only thing i like about this film is homer and lisas love interest colin the rest is a complete and utter garbage which aint simpsons style. bart seeing flanders as his father figure is a complete rubbish and i hate how everyone treats homer in this episode hes the best character in the show. not enough of moe smithers or mr burns other great characters from the show. what a let down from the best animated series ever made. wjhat a waste of a talent like tom hanks.
April 3, 2018
Everything a Simpsons movie should be!
March 23, 2018
Reminiscent of show in its golden age, The Simpsons Movie is clever, well written and funny. It offers terrific jokes and is able to keep its charm well into the feature film runtime. Much like The South Park movie The Simpsons Movie is a clever satire and perfect movie version of one of the most popular TV shows of all time.
March 22, 2018
At first I thought the movie would be ridiculous, but when I saw it, it was one of the best animated movies I saw during the year 2007 and still watch it today
½ February 24, 2018
Whilst admittedly entertaining the wackier antics and plots that had already infected the tv show since around 2000 onwards are here also. As a bit of a Simpson's purist I'm fairly ambivalent towards this movie but it does have its moments.
February 24, 2018
i can not wach the simpsons movie
sorry fernds i whacht it 100 times on youtube and i well never
January 26, 2018
the story was a bit simple but the characters and animation was great
½ January 11, 2018
A festering pile of Spider Pig poop. Illustrates why The Simpsons should have been canceled long ago.
January 7, 2018
Story was alright. The humor was amazing though.
½ January 4, 2018
The Simpsons Movie is filled to the brim with comedy, and even some contains deep, emotional scenes with a heartwarming message. It's one of the few family comedy films the adults will love, too!
December 17, 2017
Much more entertaining than the TV series has been lately. SO many moments of uncontrollable laughter!!
Spider Pig, Spider Pig....
½ November 10, 2017
love this movie made mad me laugh a lot in cinema, just over ten years ago now! still laugh at it now
October 31, 2017
Me, a Blunt, and Homer makes for the movie ive been waiting to see the most. MMmmmm Simpsons.
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