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½ December 8, 2016
Momentos épicos. A cena pós-créditos é demais! Simpsons é insuperável, kra.
December 4, 2016
A forgotten example of a great tv show becoming a great movie.
November 30, 2016
I never seen this movie
November 30, 2016
excellent job by the cast and crew. they took what we love about the simpsons and put it into one movie full of adventure, conedy, and drama.
November 26, 2016
Easily my choice for best big screen adaption of a cartoon. The Simpsons Movie brings everything that worked from the first 9 seasons and introduces a lot of new movie-worthy material to make any fan of The Simpsons a happy camper, just don't go fishing with Homer.
½ November 17, 2016
I enjoy this film. I'm a huge fan of simpsons
November 16, 2016
not as funny as i expected, but i had really high hopes going in....still hilarious nonetheless
November 4, 2016
A lot funnier than I expected. Not as great as the classic seasons but definitely better than what's on now.
½ October 31, 2016
Even though the polished animation can leave me feeling cold this is easily the most downright hilarious animated film I have ever seen. It even finds room to be heartwarming if only to take the nick out of that to. The simpsons isn't what it used to be but if you're looking for a decline in quality you won't find it here.
½ October 23, 2016
Everything representing the show is here. The chalkboard gag, the choking gag, all's that's missing is the couch gag
½ October 22, 2016
This is a decent example of the Simpsons.
It isn't as good as their best episodes but it is more enjoyable than the average episode.
I love that the animation doesn't change.
October 4, 2016
Sentimental, funny, original, one of the few movies that doesn't take itself too seriously. Maintains style and quality of the show, yet still has the structure and quality of a movie. (I.e Unlike Ted and Ted 2 which is basically forced jokes spread out for 90minutes stylized like a 90minute Family Guy episode).
September 17, 2016
Never would I thought that a television series would come up with an original concept for an animated feature that would work so well.
September 15, 2016
just out of curiousity
September 13, 2016
As a Simpsons Fan, I was expecting a lot more than what I saw. It's just an extended Simpsons episode.
September 8, 2016
Wonderful! The Simpsons movie is a very memorable film and laughs throughout! I love the older episode better than the newer simpsons, but it sure is nice to see a worthy movie for the Simpsons.
½ August 27, 2016
it's pretty good but it's really funny so I will give it 4 and a half stars
August 23, 2016
one of my favorite tv shows makes a movie!!! dream come true! the don't hold back and stick the the same humor as there show fantastic job all around.
Tyler H.
Super Reviewer
August 20, 2016
A great way to introduce new fans to the series and to pay homage to older fans "The Simpsons Movie" is amazing. The old cast is brought back which just shows you how good this film is. The films plot is surprisingly inthralling and the non stop laughs make you wanna keep watching until the very end. One of the best animated comedy movies if not the best.
August 17, 2016
18 years in the making has paid off massively. The Simpsons Movie is the perfect love letter to life long fans of the show as it provides humour and a great epic feel to signify that the cinematic mountain has been climbed.
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