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½ June 3, 2013
its the most bad movie in the world
April 14, 2013
Poor quality DVD. The story was borderline ok.
½ October 12, 2012
the opening is good but not good enough as it goes to middle and the end is the worst ............
½ February 26, 2012
I loved his performance in the movie. Excellent actor
½ November 22, 2011
the opening is good but not good enough as it goes to middle and the end is the worst ............
October 29, 2011
sorcerer and zombies meet mythological action. pretty awful.
Super Reviewer
October 21, 2011
This movie was the most painfully bad & most painful experience I have had from ScyFy Channel's original movies. If you have ever watched some of ScyFy Channels' movies, then you should know how bad their original movies are & how they don't even seem to try to improve on them. Well, this one I can tell you is the worst of them. Horrible acting, painfully bad script, terrible effects, shitty characters, an evil sorcerer that only makes a joke of a villain like Gargamel look like Voldemort, a story that makes little to no sense, a plot that suffers from have no plot to too much plot, & extremely cheap-looking.

No, I'm not kidding you when I say this is by far the worst ScyFy Channel movie I have seen. I can't call it an original one because this is based off of some of the tales of Sinbad, but wow, just wow, way to make Sinbad look like an idiot & a joke ScyFy channel! And a little side note, ScyFy Channel's new logo & name change sucks!

The acting in this movie is horrible beyond words. Mannu Bennett (Sinbad) was over dramatic, & the rest of the actors looked like they wanted to laugh their asses off or taking themselves way too seriously. The effects look horrible beyond words. The dialogue is just laughable. The plot makes no sense, & the story drags on forever.

I would not recommend this movie for anyone. You're probably better off watching that shitty Dungeons & Dragons movie than this.
August 7, 2011
Cada cinco años, el pequeño pueblo costero en el que habita Theo se enfrenta a la tragedia del secuestro de nueve jóvenes que son ofrendados al Minotauro; dios al que veneran los despiadados soldados del Rey Deucalión, y que habita en los cimientos de un palacio lejano. Theo, valiente y audaz, consigue introducirse en el barco que transporta la nueva remesa de mártires para rescatar a la joven que ama; quedando abandonado a su suerte, junto a sus compañeros, en el laberinto que custodia el Minotauro
½ July 8, 2011
I love bad movies... without them, its all too serious. well.. this movie is no exception... sinbad vs. bad acting: bad acting wins: stupid effects, quotes, "deus ex machina"-scenes, the script... wasted paper. nice gory stuff... well: I love this movie: has some good ideas, nice fighting. worth a try
June 29, 2011
Absolutely loved every minute of this film. It is possibly the worst piece of cinema in existence. It is so bad that it is painfully funny. Watch this with friends and expect to howl with laughter. For extra fun, when you see the fellow wearing the eye-patch, keep track of which eye it's on.
We had to pause the movie because we all lost our sh*t several times. One scene involves the characters entering an ominous town. All the villagers are staring, creepily. And every one of them is carrying a chicken. I couldn't make this up if I tried.
This is the Must See Movie of the decade. If you love bad movies, you will seriously love this movie.
June 18, 2011
This movie was so BAD, seriously bad acting, horrible story line as well as script, and the graphics sucked so much. I was looking forward to watching this and it was a complete let down. I swear every scene they were trying to act 'dramatic' or 'sad' was a failure. What a waste of time.
March 7, 2011
so, so... watchable fun...
February 13, 2011
one of the worst fuckn movie ever!! hahaha.....bimbo chicks, bad actors,....ok its a B-movie but common people.....even though u like b-movies....dont waste your time on this crap!!
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