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June 11, 2016
Despite the glowing journalistic review before the film has even begun, this is no smokescreen for it is ultimately an uninspiring stage play drama put onto film.
December 5, 2010
A product of its time that has aged in a strange and beautiful way. It is corny, but buried underneath all the melodrama is some truth. It's not really acting, it's like watching little kids acting out our adult nightmares, which makes it all the more heart-wrenching.
October 9, 2010
Pretty corny, Mansfield's luminous presence cannot save this one, as it meanders around with a dumbass side story that was added to fill out the running time after Mansfield died. Poor acting and a scattered script makes this one only worth it to poke fun at or for the completist.

Rental? Maybe?
½ February 22, 2010
This is hardly a movie. It's just a series of skits or something with TV teleplay production quality badly strung together. Imagine "Love, American Style" on ether, but awful.
½ December 10, 2009
When awful fake accents are the best part of a picture, it must be a B movie. This one's just not any fun. Only notable because Mansfield passed away before it was finished.
November 9, 2007
Jayne Mansfield's at her dramatic best. Sadly, this was also her last film appearance. If you don't believe that she could act, then watch this movie! "Single Room Furnished" is proof that Jayne Mansfield was much more than just a sexy blonde bombshell.
August 8, 2007
Perfection....the last scene is cinematic gold.
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