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June 21, 2016
This movie wasn't scary at all! It had a horrible ending and an ok plot! Don't waste your time!
June 16, 2016
2/5 Another interesting idea executed terribly. The home movies themselves are fairly creepy and the soundtrack is effective. Not to mention Ethan Hawke is fantastic like always. But Sinister is beyond predictable with plenty of cliches and a complete lack of scares. This even extends to the point where the film becomes comical. I found myself laughing far more than shivering in fear. The aesthetic is good though and like I said, Hawke is Hawke. But that's all you're getting with Sinister.
June 11, 2016
I really wanted this to be good but it sucked. Not scary at all. bad story altogether.
½ June 4, 2016
Solid horror movie that managed to make me pretty damn uncomfortable.
June 3, 2016
Kind of lack luster, movie seemed to never really get going. Started out more uncomfortable than scary, flat-lined for most of the movie, add in some really bad special effects, undeveloped plot and weak characters with kind of a less-than-climactic ending. This movie either needs to die or needs a good sequel to add dimension. Still, it was a scary movie so I gave it two stars for the genre.
May 25, 2016
I have to hand it to Sinister. The scares are plenty and the atmosphere is bone-chilling. This plot is very over-used in the horror genre and there's your typical horror tropes throughout the film but what saves it is how the filmmakers add new and refreshing energy, polishing up the cliches into something new that ultimately works. Sinister is well above average and it's the way to go if you're looking to get scared
May 15, 2016
Instead of being terrified, I actually almost teared-up as the end unfolded.
May 14, 2016
scariest movie I've seen as an adult
May 9, 2016
comfy soundtrack/comfy sweaters
Super Reviewer
May 9, 2016
The classic case of a great premise, cast and decent delivery is entirely ruined by a preachy, downright laughable final twist that is so predictable and unscary you can't help you just wasted two hours of your life. Which is sad, because for the longest time this is interesting and has a few decent scares. When will the Evil Kids trope finally die? Oh and before you think I'm spoiling anything, the poster already does apparently. At least the use of music is overall fantastic here.
May 2, 2016
While holding onto flaws, Sinisters brings newer elements into the horror genre, which help it elevate above Blumhouse's other factory-ed out cash grabs.
April 27, 2016
Pretty creepy crap can get you. What I loved was that it was a murder mystery while being a supernatural thriller.
April 19, 2016
Muy buena, final inesperado
April 15, 2016
It has moments of genuine creepiness & Ethan Hawke does the best with what he had to work with but let's be honest, it doesn't feel any different from many of the generic straight-to-DVD horrors of today's scares. Also, no way does it even come close to the malevolent feel of 'Paranormal Activity' or 'Insidious'.
½ April 13, 2016
I have a strong detestation for the ghost and haunting genre because it's the only type of horror that's given a chance in movie theatres. Somewhere between 600-900 horror films are released every year. Less than ten of these get a widescreen American release and 80% of those will have something to do with a haunted house or a ghost. The industry refuses to understand that people enjoy all type of horror and that any decently made slasher or gore flick would do just as well if were given the same advertising power. Usually, all these things are the same; but millions will still swarm to see them because it's the only choice of horror they have. Despite my hatred, I finally watched the infamous Sinister and was actually impressed. Ethan Hawke proved that he has more talent than just a famous name. I've seen hundreds of these things and very few of them had such an effective character performance as the lead victim. Sinister has the same infrastructure of all generic haunting movies, but delivers an extra kick of intelligent mystery. Almost a 4 out of 5 star ghost story, but loses half a point for its rapid closure; ending the thought provoking twist during it's peak.
½ April 11, 2016
A bit cliched, but the surprisingly thoughtful plot helped me see past that. I love a good investigation in horror movies, and although the movie had a tendency for jump scares, it was overall compelling and creepy enough to be enjoyable.
½ April 9, 2016
As far as haunted house movies go, Sinister is about as unsettling as they come. The opening shot alone is enough to imbue dread.
April 3, 2016
ethan hawke stands out in decent creep fest :)
½ March 30, 2016
Sinister is a surprisingly interesting and intriguing horror film. It maintains an element of mystery, it keeps the catalyst of horror on the outskirts, and uses lighting and music to glamorise and set the tone. Per usual to the genre, there are stupid mistakes made by the protagonist to drive the story and the horror element. Hawke does a well enough job, but the cheap shock drops especially at the end do nothing for him or the movie. Better than its counterparts in the genre, Sinister has just enough story to bring a little bit of scare to the table.
March 29, 2016
good but why was part to soo bad the world my never know
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