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February 22, 2013
Its an awesome movie.
September 24, 2011
Rajnikath can do anything and its fun to watch whatever he does.
September 11, 2010
Rajni ku matum than 4 star
August 22, 2010
Finally saw Hindi dubbed version of the movie. I have seriously no clue why this movie proved to be such a big blockbuster. It just felt like original Rajni and some illogical action scenes.

concept about improving the nation stature is good but seriously this went over the top. Software engineer is doing everything but anything related to computer except the password. Movie also shows if you go to USA you become rich person which is so not true. I still would like to understand from South Indian point of view why this movie was on all time great list.
August 22, 2010
Nice Masala Flick :P
½ July 10, 2010
Ultimate movie if you are a rajinikanth fan... Above avg movie for Dir. Shankar Fans.. Average commercial flick for an general movie goers..
½ June 25, 2010
The Muvie Success Was only For the Name RAJINI... Els d muvie's story is like a normal vijay's Film.....
June 6, 2010
Hi All, Must watch movie for all age groups! Super star in a different "Avatar" unilke his other movies.Climax scene is a big surprise:)

"Thalaivar Rockss"
½ May 31, 2010
This movie is so bad its freaking AWESOME! I saw it on Star Gold's 'One Break Express', with no ad breaks and no songs, so its just 2 and half hours of full on insanity! There are no words to describe Rajnikant's omnipotence, surely surely the director was intentionally making a spoof of the superstar? No? Oh well...
April 2, 2010
Ultimate masala-movie wid Rajini , n his mannerisms ,@ his best !!
March 7, 2010
Day: Sunday
Date: 31 Jan 2010
Time: 1.00 pm
With: Dad, Mom, Azeem
On: Star Gold

Typical Rajni movie...
½ March 7, 2010
superstar RAJNI!!!!!!!!roxxxxxxx
February 1, 2010
Day: Sunday
Date: 31 Jan 2010
Time: 1.00 pm
With: Dad, Mom, Azeem
On: Star Gold

Typical Rajni movie...
January 25, 2010
Sivaji is a 2007 Tamil feature film directed by S. Shankar and produced by AVM Productions. Rajinikanth and Shriya Saran plays the lead roles with Suman, Vivek and Raghuvaran. A. R. Rahman composed the film's soundtrack and background music, The movie revolves around a well-established Software System Architect (Sivaji), who returns home to India after finishing work in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to society with free medical treatment and education. However his plans face a roadblock in the form of the highly affluent and influential businessman, Adiseshan. When corruption also arises, Sivaji is left with no option but to fight the system in his own way.
January 16, 2010
½ January 15, 2010
coool....thalaivaaaa neee vaalga
December 19, 2009
gud movie frm shanker n superstar
½ November 5, 2009
He drives the 007 sport car's plate in the Urban City while in the village he protects and serves the poor. That's Sivaji !!!!!

September 16, 2009
What to say!!!! Rajini Rocks!!!! Boss... mottai boss!!!!
September 6, 2009
I quite possibly love this film... for ALL the wrong reasons... script writing ... performance... plot?!... and finally ... SONGS... words cannot express the songs.
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