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July 22, 2016
Best Bond opening sequence, best Bond song, best directed Bond film, best written Bond film, best Bond film. Period
July 16, 2016
Skyfall another great thrilling action. Once again Danial Craig proves that he is James Bond.
July 16, 2016
Still a good movie to watch in the weekend it has an exelent dialogue, it was good scripted, this movie represents almost a classic James Bond essence
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July 16, 2016
The best film in the era of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Supremely well acted. The best performances are by Craig, Dench and Bardem who are prize. Great action scenes, big issue that touches past Bond and M which little is known. Sam Mendes does a masterful job directing this installment of James Bond. Realmete with this film you can compare Danie Craig Sean Connolly.
July 14, 2016
An OK action movie, but not more than that. OK, so maybe my judgement was affected by seeing this on a small airplane screen, but this did not live up to the hype as far as I am concerned.
½ July 11, 2016
One hour into the film, the villain finally makes his entrance. We don't see his face right away. In fact it will still be a couple more minutes, because he appears in a long shot at the farpoint of the z-axis of a corridor filled with hacking computers on a desolate island. He begins telling a story about two rats left to survive in a hole, which mirrors the relationship between himself and Bond, the two rats, and their superior M. Thus, Sam Mendes has successfully entered and set us up for what goes down in history as one of the most enticing, intimidating, creepy, and beloved for all negative traits Bond villain in 50 years: Silva. Once an agent for MI6, now their greatest adversary.

Mendes has made a modernized retro Bond, something I imagine Tarrantino hoped to accomplish with Casino Royale, but never got to do. As much as he can, and where it makes sense, he keeps things classic. The gadgets are scaled down to a fingerprint reader on the Walther PPK, and a simple radio, one that needn't be placed inside a shoe. His vehicle of choice? For the latter half of the film, it will be his classic silver Aston Martin from Goldfinger.

I've been complaining that movies need to scale back, enough of the epic global threat. While the followup SPECTRE takes that route, which really worked for me because of the conspiracy itself, this does the opposite, giving us an anticlimax where all the epic scale disasters have happened. Silva's most personal kill that fires all of Bond's cylinders? Blowing up the Aston Martin, which will need severe repairs in SPECTRE before it's back on the road. By the time he finally gets M, Bond has already avenged, and we deal with the aftermath of her loss. To close, we get a more conservative replacement M, a male who could easily grow into the next Bernard Lee - the beloved screen legend Ralph Fiennes, who had been tricky and questionable throughout - back inside the original office set, more dimly lit... retro at it's finest. It doesn't feel like feeble nostalgia, it feels right, like the character and franchise are actually growing, which isn't always the case when grabbing pieces from the past. Think of the disasters like Rocky V and Godfather III. Well this is Bond XXIII, and he's at his absolute finest.

The Monty Norman score is seldom, rearranged and stretched throughout, mostly the four note buildup. As with all the Craig films, the brass motif is saved for end credits, but it makes partial appearances throughout. Thomas Newman did a nice job with this score, but it gets a little too synth for my taste. David Arnold has been the superior Bond composer, and his work on the less satisfying Quantum of Solace was the better score.
July 11, 2016
Skyfall is the best 007 of all time. It delivers a great story as well as awesome characters. Craig once again brings his A game making a case to be the best Bond ever. This Bond felt different from the rest because it had more of of the personal story of Bond. It wasn't just another mission. This is a must see of 2012.
July 11, 2016
Really good & exciting movie, beautifully shot and acted. However it was all rather predictable (except for the end) & the finale was not as good as what preceded it. (in fact the whole final section was a bit weird & didn't quite fit with the rest of the film) Javier Bardem is absolutely amazing though.
July 7, 2016
Tied with Casino Royale for the greatest Bond film. Will they ever top Daniel Craig at his peak?
July 4, 2016
This shows a very mature bond, fighting against a very real bad guy.
June 28, 2016
My favorite James Bond movie.
Daniel Craig is for my
my favorite James Bond.
½ June 25, 2016
I liked this film. I felt it was good return to old school bond.
½ June 24, 2016
Sam Mendes trouxe James Bond de volta para o estrelato com o brilhantíssimo 007 - Skyfall,Com cenários impressionantes,perseguições ligeiramente incríveis,cenas de ação impressionates e o passado sombrio do agente mais famoso do mundo,Deixando o telespectador sem fôlego.
June 20, 2016
Very good Bond movie.
½ June 17, 2016
Good but it has a weird villain
June 1, 2016
Innovative and intense from the onset, Bond No. 23 triumphantly reinvents 007. Intriguing and subtly framed by contemporary political and social circumstances, Skyfall raises questions about the outmoded relevance of traditional espionage in a time where villains can attack and hack at any time anywhere and in doing so smartly ensures the franchises survival.

Respecting its predecessors of the last 50 years, the ever present trademarks of Martini's, Aston Martin's, snazzy gadgets, tailored suits, unabated flirting and quick quips are accounted for but the overall style is modern and more Bourne than Bond.

Maintaining tensions, Director Sam Mendes' has delved deep into Ian Fleming's novels in an attempt to bring an element of engagement though uncovering snippets of events that shaped Mr. Bond. Allowing Daniel Craig to bring a never before explored vulnerability to the ultra-suave character.

On his last assignment in Istanbul , British secret agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) and his off-sider Eve (Naomie Harris) pursue a man in possession of a stolen hard drive containing detailed information exposing crucial undercover agents identities within terrorist cells around the world.

Using Bond as a human shield and preventing the clean kill, Eve is ordered by the steadfast agency head M (Judy Dench) to make the shot, taking out Bond in the process. The fateful decision places M under the scrutiny of the Intelligence and Security Committee, challenging her methods, the new Chairman, Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) calls for an end to M's tenure through imposed retirement.

When MI6 headquarters is hacked then attacked, Bond is stirred out of his wallowing stupor. Dormant for months, 007 has lost the edge and suffers mentally, physical and emotionally from the injuries he sustained at M's instruction. Compromised equally from both inside and out, M must rely on the one uncomfortable ally left she can trust to save the agency - the unfit for duty, Bond.

Taking back to the shadows on the trail of the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem), Bond proves that an oldie is always a goody as the villain's lethal motives are closer to home than expected.

Craig's physical prowess is outstripped by Dame Judy Dench's eloquent words. One of the best actors of her generation, Dench's presence as the Machiavellian matriarch adds a poignant layer the 007 world. Bardem is a bizarre balance between cartoon and repulsive megalomanic. Whilst the underplayed Fiennes and younger than expected newcomers Harris and techno-freak agent Q (Ben Whishaw) will obviously get their due screen time in films to come.

The verdict: An intelligent celebration of a beloved cultural icon, from the wonderfully haunting title song by Adele to its accompanying eye-popping opening montage credit based on the films content, this unforgettable (unlike its most recent predecessor) offering brings an invigorating relevance to the franchise.

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 30/11/2012
½ May 27, 2016
Skyfall might be the best 007 movie to date, very close with Casino Royal,
May 26, 2016
Aside from some bizarre internet backlash I am having trouble understanding, this is oft considered one of the upper tier James Bond film. And I definitely agree with that and would go so far as to say it's one of my very favorites in fact. I was blown away by it when I saw it in the theater for the first time, and wound up going again later with my brother who hadn't seen it yet. And it never ceases to engage me every time I watch it.

In many ways this film and "GOLDENEYE" are two sides of the same coin thematically. Which is probably why it's no coincidence that they are my personal two favorites of the series. Both come at a similar idea from two different vantage points. And that idea is about Bond's place in the modern world. Whereas "GOLDENEYE" is about the ways in which Bond can adapt into the modern world and still be true to the spirit of his character, "SKYFALL" is about how in certain ways he should not. And similarly to "GOLDENEYE" by no coincidence works to get that across with having Bond contend with a rogue MI6 agent as his chief adversary.

Whilst Alec Trevelyan represented what Bond could be like if he were stuck in the past, Raoul Silva represented what happens when ones tries to abandon it. Both in their first big reveal/confrontation even make sure to chastise Bond over his "archaic" senses of duty and loyalty. Basically "GOLDENEYE" showed how Bond's social sensibilities could be updated with the modern world whilst remaining true to the positive things he represents. Whilst on the other hand "SKYFALL" puts into action their worth over not having them in the modern world.

A sense of duty to do whatever it takes to see the mission through even if tempted to run away, a sense of patriotism towards his country without being a subservient lapdog, and resourcefulness in dangerous situations in the field.

In keeping with the over-arching old vs new theme is the tone/style of the film itself. Combining modern sensibilities that were emphasized in the previous Craig films with the theatrical flair of several of the franchise's earlier entries. Don't get me wrong, "CASINO ROYALE" is one of the best entries to the series and a great film in its own right but I think the mix works splendidly. And is probably my personal preferred take on it.
½ May 21, 2016
Good, but overrated.
½ May 15, 2016
Bond is only human it seems as in this his weaknesses seem to be much more highlighted than any gadgets or explosions. Nearly killed at the start of the film when he returns he seems changed. Not as clinical as before and even failing the tests to get his license.
I actually prefered this view of Bond than some of the more flashier previous films. Its much simpler and realistic and all the better for it.
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