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September 9, 2010
This movie made me sick. Just because one brother in a successful family is a popular actor does not mean that the other brothers must engage in that profession as well.
March 23, 2010
Seems good..... the trailers good too.
½ February 8, 2010
not as good as the first, but very entertaning
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½ January 7, 2010
I thought that the original was very over rated, but this movie just stunk. Stephen Baldwin was horrible. He could do so much better but it seemed just like he was just collecting. Same thing with Busey. This movie had a horrible story and watching the hockey scenes were painful.
January 2, 2010
Just as good as the original...if not, better!!
November 12, 2009
the only good thing about this movie is seeing the hanson brothers on ice once again
½ August 21, 2009
First the story seemed to repeat itself from the first one, but then things changed. Actors wasn't as good as in the first movie and Hanson brothers had grown a little bit too old I think. There was still good parts in this movie too, so I wouldn't say this is fiasco, it just wasn't as good as the first one.
½ June 3, 2009
It's funny and it's nice that they brought the Hanson brothers back.
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December 24, 2008
Goes for the open net breakaway and falls down about center ice.
½ November 29, 2008
alright, but nothing compared to the original
November 24, 2008
Very entertaining! Its rare that I will like a sequel better than the original, but this one I definitely do! :) A fun movie that you can watch over and over!
November 2, 2008
As much as Stevie B rocks this film makes me want to cry. Slap Shot is to this day one of the best sports comedies ever. But this one, /cry...
October 8, 2008
Corny! Not even close to the original
October 2, 2008
Not as good as the first but it was funny.
September 15, 2008
Why was this movie even made?
½ September 2, 2008
un super film sur le hockey, tres divertissant ^^. GORDIE !!!!!!!!! mdr (mention speciale aux freres Hanson)
July 7, 2008
Much better than Critic Ratings
July 3, 2008
Just cause I'm saying "I want to see this" doesn't mean I will seek it out, I only mean if someone were to put this on at their place while I was drunk or something or maybe on an airplane if the headphones were free due to some sort of mix up with me not getting the aisle seat I clearly requested but was denied, forcing me to sit in the middle seat between an elderly couple with over-filled colostomy bags. Then I'd see it.
June 28, 2008
How can you follow the best hockey movie of all time? Apparantly with a lousy script and lousy actors.
½ June 24, 2008
Better than the first.
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