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February 18, 2018
I love this movie. It is pure Argento Giallo. If you aren't a fan of this genre it might be better to try Deep Red or Tenebrae, which are better and more accessible.

I do think this is a great film, with the director using all of the tricks he has used throughout an amazing career, with the great Italian locations lending weight to the story and atmosphere.

Some of the acting isn't the best, but the two leads are captivating enough to make up for it. Max Von Sydow is perfectly cast as the old detective as is Stefano Dionisi, who also wants/needs to find the killer.

And finally the deaths and murders are in a class of their own! American horror film makers need to take note - this is how to film a slasher movie!

If you like this, check out the aforementioned movies, but also check out Argento's early movies from the seventies which have great twists and the grizzly death scenes. Great movie!
½ January 3, 2017
Far from his strongest work, Non Ho Sonno is probably the best full length effort from Dario Argento in the last 20 years. The plot is a bit silly, the acting a bit questionable at times, but that's just part of the charm of a well done Argento film. On the plus side the film looks good and the Gore effects are in full swing. Recommended mostly for Argento completionists, but interesting enough that it could spark an interest in those unfamiliar with Argento's earlier work. 3 1/2 stars
½ February 22, 2016
Although almost nothing is left from Argento's visual and visionary talent, there still are some genuinely creepy moments, and if you're willing to oversee a few plotholes, it can make a more than decent whodunit thriller.
½ February 12, 2014
Too obvious of a giallo but it does have its moments with some decent gore (though it gets tiresome with the all woman killing/bashing concept) and a few fun red herrings thrown around. Not a good movie by any means and certainly not one of Dario Argento's finer efforts. Feels more like an early 90s horror movie...
½ November 28, 2013
The Giallo-master is back--Stylish and Atmospheric!!
November 19, 2013
Classic Argento. I especially love the fact the serial killer is using George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' as a reference. The gore/blood/death effects are before their time. And some of the shots & ideas are genius. It's just a shame there is something lacking... Like acting skill as ever in Argento's flicks.
½ October 3, 2013
Dario Argento gets things going with a very promising first half hour as blood and screams prevail, however the subsequent investigation to catch the killer is dull.
April 19, 2013
Effective, cleverly shot giallo thriller from Dario Argento. It's perhaps a little overlong, but keeps you guessing about the killers identity throughout and Max Von Sydow gives and enjoyable performance.
½ April 6, 2013
It is hypnotic! Who would believe who did the murders! Have to see it again to really swallow what the director is telling US to Really Believe..that's the beauty of the suspense, the ridiculous and the finale shocker. Dario, you did a darn fine job with my BRAINS... It was worth the viewing ,don't care what any body else says. Roll the film again but this time on YOU TUBE in full PLEASE!!!
February 16, 2013
A welcome walk down memory lane with sweeping camera moves, superb Goblin score and freaky set pieces.
November 3, 2012
An unterrated diamond from the Master.. RESPECT ! !
February 28, 2012
Another more than decent horror thriller from argento. Serial killer goes quiet for 17 years before continuing his murder spree. max von sydow is always worth a watch
January 26, 2012
Den sidste af Argentos film der er værd at se.
October 11, 2011
lightly interesting, with bad acting. the nding is the interesting part.
Super Reviewer
September 24, 2011
Crime horror/thriller from Italian gore daady Dario Argento. A serial killer persumed dead appears to be alive and killing again but things don't add up as people saw the killer get shot in the head. Detectives on the case seem baffled so enter a retired old detective who can't help but get involved, along with the son of one of the killers victims. This starts brilliantly with an action sequence on a train, which has as much tension as any of the shitty hollywood blockbusters of today. There's also the grisly, almost exploitation style murders and gore on offer, a cool twist ending and the usual great soundtrack from Goblin.
For people unfamiliar with Argento, you can expect some dodgy acting and editing and the occassional questionable accent. But you can also expect great gore and some interesting twists and turns and direction along with some cool music.
Overall, Sleepless is a well crafted horror movie for horror movie fans.
August 24, 2011
Classic Argento. I especially love the fact the serial killer is using George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' as a reference. The gore/blood/death effects are before their time. And some of the shots & ideas are genius. It's just a shame there is something lacking...
July 9, 2011
A decent late giallo from master of the genre Dario Argento, Sleepless is certainly not one of his great films, but it is a solid, stylish, and brutal one nonetheless. The film drags a bit compared to his more classic giallos (Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Deep Red, Tenebre, etc), but it makes up for this with inventive, stylish, and incredibly brutal death scenes as well as a lead performance by the always awesome Max von Sydow. Sleepless is not a masterpiece by any means, but it far outshines some of Argento's other more recent works like The Card Player, Do You Like Hitchcock?, and especially Giallo.
June 29, 2011
It seems that whenever Goblin and Dario Argento do a movie, they make cinematic gold. Deep Red, Suspiria, Tenebrae, Phenomena, and more were all great. Now, it's Sleepless. The title refers to a nursery rhyme about a farmer who can't sleep because he thinks animals are his enemies, so he goes out and kills a lot of animals so he can rest. How the farmer kills the animals is what the murderer is basing his methods of dispatching victims on. The opening murder was truly suspenseful and haunting due to Goblin's amazing score that lingers over the entire film and sets just the right mood. Once you find out the killer's motives, they're truly insane and actually kind of frightening. The kills are all very brutal, especially a scene where a woman's head is being smashed against a wall. So far, it's the best recent Argento movie, and it's a step above Do You Like Hithcock?, Trauma, and Mother of Tears (I have yet to see The Card Player). So set aside all doubts about the quality of this one because it's Dario's best film since Opera and truly shows why he IS the Italian Hitchcock.
June 24, 2011
Unless he produces another classic sometime soon, then based on his recent output, this could be the last great Dario Argento film. Sure as always the acting is pretty poor for the most part. But the inclusion of Max Von Sydow improves this immensley. Aside from this, it includes the trademark grisly murders, striking visuals and cracking soundtrack. Great, if you like this kind of movie
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