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August 24, 2012
I enjoy all of Stephen Kings
½ August 17, 2012
You know you're a big author when your name is part of a movie title. And Stephen King is about as big as they get. "Stephen King's Sleepwalkers" is his first "original screenplay" - it was written directly for the screen, rather than adapted from a short story or novel. Sleepwalkers is a borderline average Stephen King horror film about shape shifting vampires. King and director Mick Garris ("The Fly II," "Critters 2," "Psycho IV") throw in car chases, dumb cops, sadistic teachers and simple-minded parents for their target audience, teens who think all authority figures are jerks. The film is fairly cheesy with average acting and doesn't try to do anything effective, new or thoroughly original. Sleepwalkers features cameos by some great genre film-makers including John Landis, Tobe Hooper, Joe Dante, Clive Barker, and King himself as the caretaker of a cemetery.

VERDICT: "Rent Worthy" - [Mixed to Negative Reaction] These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre or the DVD to see due to bad things that overcome anything good. (Films that are rated 2.5 stars)
April 28, 2012
Well, what was I expecting? The cat was great!
April 14, 2012
½ April 13, 2012
is a pretty good movie.
April 11, 2012
i just love this movie
April 9, 2012
another great Stephen King Flick...
½ April 4, 2012
so interesting !!excellerating and amazing grusomelol
½ March 31, 2012
Not the best King film, but it's actually the only Garris' directed one that I enjoy.
½ March 22, 2012
La historia tiene demasiados bemoles, no es clara, no deja entrever toda la trama, como ¿del porque son vulnerables a los gatos por ejemplo?
Me reí mucho cuando apareció Stephen King en cierto cameo, y excelente por cierto la actuación de los felinos
March 12, 2012
classic stephen king film.
weird, freaky, funny.
some of the effects made me piss.
good storyline.
½ February 16, 2012
This film is just plain stupid.
February 6, 2012
Loved it, like almost all Stephen King movies.
December 17, 2011
If memory serves right, this is a very dopey film from Stephen King. The film involves a rather incestuous mother and son that go around town to town sucking the soul from young beautiful virgins. Wow, right? Well, these are your average weirdo mom and son team because they are sleepwalkers or a mythical creature that look like, but absolutely hate cats. There are number of horror filmmakers and writers in Sleepwalkers, but there is a lack of intelligence. Oh, there is room for a lot of bad acting. Sleepwalkers have some fun moments along with a wonderful and villainous performance from Alice Krige, but this is best left with a sleeping cell in hopes of never waking up. Oh and one more comment, death by Korn?
½ November 14, 2011
the idea of the story is fresh and original
½ October 28, 2011
Kind of lame by today's standards.
September 9, 2011
Weird, but still good.
September 5, 2011
Sleepwalkers' is not horror at its finest, either in terms of ability to truly frighten or to provide fun campiness. It straddles the line between the two, existing somewhere equidistant from both. It is never too over-the-top for us to laugh out loud with it, nor is it ever truly scary enough to make us shiver. As it stands, it is an extremely simple and very entertaining work of filmmaking, something that horror fans will enjoy and others should probably avoid.
Super Reviewer
½ September 1, 2011
Horror based on Stephen Kings book. Cat lovers may find themselves a bit distubed at the beginning as we see a house surrounded by hung cats. Later, we find the reason behind this is a couple of shapeshifters, a young man and middle aged woman, who move from place to place, finding human prey. When pretty student Madchen Amick(who previously played a fit waitress in Twin Peaks) falls for the young man, unaware of his shapeshifting ways, it seems shes in for a whole world of shit. This isn't bad considering I never have high expectations of Stephen King adaptations but this has a few unintentionally funny moments, especially towards the end, a couple of questionable moments(how can they make a car invisible?Or change its make?!) and cameo's from Tobe Hooper, Clive Barker, John Landis, Joe Dante and King himself so this is worth a look for horror fans despite not being anything special.
½ August 19, 2011
This movie SUCKED!.. BIG TIME! Don't know what happened with King & this movie. He should just stick to writing books. (After all, his books are all filled with SOOOOOO much detail anyways).
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