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Sleepwalking Quotes

  • Tara: [after she sees him staring at her] Uncle James, you're creeping me out.
    Joleen: Hey, you be nice to Uncle James. James, where do you keep the hangers?
    James: What?
    Joleen: Hangers! God, this place is such a mess. I should have brought some of my own furniture.And we're going to need another pillow for Tara, by the way.
    Tara: I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you, Mom!
    Joleen: You know, you could really start unpacking your own shit instead of sitting there and pretending to do your homework.
    Tara: I'm not pretending to do my homework, I'm pretending not to hate my life!
    Joleen: Well, you're not doing a very good job of pretending!
    Tara: Well, maybe I'm not applying myself!
    Joleen: I don't need this kind of shit from you right now, Tara!
    Tara: What kind of shit do you need from me right now, Mom?
    Joleen: [kicking a chest of drawers] What do you want from me? God, Tara!

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