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July 11, 2016
It was pretty cool. I enjoyed it.
½ July 11, 2016
Found the first half quite entertaining but it didn't hold my attention throughout.
Mark H.
Super Reviewer
June 26, 2016
Excellent atmospheric thriller is both fun and funny while being fairly frightening in some spots. Mostly it's about the set decoration which consists of the entire town of Sleepy Hollow, built from the ground up to meet Director Tim Burton's vision of what Sleepy Hollow should look like. The acting is fine, if a bit silly at times, but this is actually a lighter mystery than conventional horror or gothic ghost story. Depp is fun as Crane, although Ricci is a bit miscast as the object of his affection. And honestly, Burton could have made better use of Christopher Walken, who is reduced to a fairly inconsequential role. We rarely see him, except in very brief glimpses of head-chopping and off he goes on his dark pony. I enjoy this movie a great deal, if mostly for the near-perfect set decoration, atmosphere and mood. Lots of nice images of spooky jack-o-laterns, misty fields and wet marshlands. It's alot of fun but seems to go on a bit too long and overstay its welcome. 15-20 minutes leaner might have been a wise move. But, overall it's a lesser effort from Burton but still one of his best and most enjoyable if you don't pick apart some liberties he took with the story. Nice annual tradition to watch around Halloween.
½ April 23, 2016
Sleepy Hollow is a solid, but disappointing movie. It has such a strong visual flair with a great imagery and good atmosphere, the tone is fine and its story is pretty good with some interesting details, but its acting is quite bland, the characters are mostly boring and should have been much better realized and it doesn't really work as a horror film because it makes the fatal mistake of showing the Horseman for way too long, thus effectively removing the suspense.
½ March 23, 2016
great movie . Johnny was very good in it. the actress not at the top.. but globaly it is well done.. and what a decoration what an ambiance! "chapeau"
March 8, 2016
This is perhaps one of Tim Burton's more visually impressive films, but, like every film he puts out, it lacks an impressive story to work alongside it. Based on the famous Washington Irving short story, Sleepy Hollow has all the facets of a compelling horror mystery story, but the storytelling itself is muddled and fails to be truly engaging in the way that it could, and should, be. The acting here is pretty good, however. This is one of Johnny Depp's better, and more subdued, collaborations with Burton, and he makes for a charming lead amidst the bland narrative. Christina Ricci is also engaging, and works as a strong supporting character to Depp's Ichabod Crane. The rest of the cast is serviceable too. The $100 million price tag of this film is very evident, with beautiful production design and costumes that add to the late 18th century setting. The film is also beautifully shot by the always reliable Emmanuel Lubezki; Lubezki's haunting imagery definitely adds an extra layer of creepiness to the town of Sleepy Hollow. These production values allow Sleepy Hollow to be creepy and frightening at times, but the script just isn't consistent enough to make it a truly worthwhile horror mystery film, which is ultimately rather disappointing.
February 27, 2016
For once, Tim Burton manages to make a movie that isn't entirely made of candies and sugarsticks, and manages to blend horror with whodunit elements, nice visuals and great acting in the movie that might be his only true and authentic gothic effort.
February 23, 2016
Imressive,visually stunning horror film with few scares.
February 20, 2016
What starts off as a detective story with potential becomes a scare-free horror. There's still enjoyment to be had, especially in the supporting cast and the fantasy elements, which seem more real for being grounded in the first half, something Burton often fails to do.
February 13, 2016
I love this film. Art direction, cinematography, adaption from the Washington Irving's story, music...Burton, Elfman, and Depp do it again. And it is fantastic.

This is the first movie that made me really pay attention to Emmanuel Lubezski. What a talent! He practically paints a masterpiece with every frame! It's gorgeous!

Seriously, this film is an American classic and probably the single greatest film to watch on Haloween.
February 6, 2016
Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite horror movies, with a good mystery, good visuals, and a scary atmosphere surrounding the mystery. There is so much that I love about the movie, but it does have plenty of issues. Tim Burton is a great director and has made another one of his crazy and visually stunning movies.
½ January 23, 2016
Good stuff! Tim Burton does it again, a rehashing of a classic horror mystery right at the end of the decade. Danny Elfman nails the haunting score that we have come to know and love in Tim Burton films. Johnny Depp jumps into the seat of the detective Ichabob Crane and unlike the cowardly one from the Disney film, this one is locked and loaded and feels fairly confident but a troll. A bit awkward, a bit crazy, our hero has a dark backstory. The plot is pretty good. Somewhat predictable at times, but not at all overall.
½ January 21, 2016
The film had a hard to follow story in it and a useless backstory that was hard to understand and tie into the plot. Also there were some continuity errors and lack if explanations. Overall I did like it because it's hard not to like something with Johnny Depp in it.
January 17, 2016
The critics have an accurate account of the film. Christopher Walken is the best part. Washington Irving's short story is a little stretched out, and all the underlying meaning therein had been removed in this adaptation. It is okay, but a little weak and often overlong.
½ January 15, 2016
depp's acting is simply .. great. storyline's riveting enough too.
December 25, 2015
Another Johnny Depp-Tim Burton combine, with Depp not being "full blown". The visuals are typical Burton gothic - and there is, like in most of his other movies, never any sunlight - it's always winter and twilight or night. With the creepiness set by lighting, it gets a booster with Depp's act - but its only creepiness, not horror, and I don't think it was meant to be a horror/slasher movie either. It's a crime and detection with the supernatural thrown in. And that works well.
Ok Watch.
½ December 24, 2015
While, the movie is visually pleasing and chilling, it takes certain leaps to fulfill it's narrative that leave you scratching your head. If you believe Depp is a competent investigator you won't have an issue, but he plays early like he's a scared bumbling fool.

Depp carries the film despite some spotty dialogue and the supporting cast does just enough to make this solid. If Burton had tightened it up a bit it could have been truly amazing.
½ December 19, 2015
An atmospheric film, somewhat gory, but carefully sprinkled with funny moments.
December 16, 2015
Interesting fiction of sleepy hollow. I think the tv series might be more entertaining though.
½ November 19, 2015
However shallow it may be, Sleeping hollow is another entertaining entry from Tim Burton.
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