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½ November 4, 2009
Fairly interesting concept, just badly executed.
Super Reviewer
January 24, 2009
This one is kind of a Ghost Story and a Street action Film Story. All the charters are real good in this one, hated the fact the some only had a short part. Kind of a strange ending, but I would recommend it as a rental. Worth the 4 stars.
June 16, 2008
Okay, so for a low budget flick it is mildly entertaining. In fact, there wasn't really anything that truly disappointed me. No illogical stuff, but nothing that will make you dream of it either.
December 8, 2007

Oh my...


I just...

I'm astonished!

I never thought it would be possible for anyone to make a movie as bad as this one.
This... This isn't even crap. Calling it a crappy movie would be a terrible insult to genuine crappy movies around the world.
It's amazing how I can't find one single positive aspect about it. Everything's awful! The acting, the direction, the screenplay, the plot, the special fx (sorry! I meant to say terrible fx), the image,... Every single thing about it is... is... it's just...
I don't really think I will ever be able to find a suitable adjective to describe it.
Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure the absence of rating says it all.
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