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½ March 30, 2018
I loved Sliver in every moment of its trashy, over-the-top, lurid entertainment. It's every bit as trashy as you would expect from a 90's erotic thriller, but that's also why I loved every damn minute of watching it and I can see myself viewing it multiple times in the future. It's a steamy, erotic, enjoyable thriller from beginning to end that I would place on par with the original Basic Instinct. Plus, the film has the benefit of being unexpectedly timely, given this day and age where everyone seems to know what everyone is doing. It's steamy, it's voyeuristic, it's trashy, it's campy, it's strangely well-acted, and it's one hell of a ride from beginning to end. If you love yourself some trashy 90's thrillers and Sharon Stone flicks, this is one to check out. You will not be disappointed by this trip down a strange memory lane in cinema history. This has easily become one of my favorite trash flicks and I will treasure more as the years go by.
March 7, 2018
I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and probably much too young to understand what was going on but my family never tried to hide us from sub par Sharon stone nudity. The movie left enough of An impact to where I revisited it in my 30s. I enjoy the obvious creepiness and Baldwin weirdness. I always will have a soft spot in my heart for this movie because it was one of the first times I realized I loved women.
½ January 3, 2018
The delicious Sharon Stone is the only highlight of this mundane thriller. She looks bored throughout and the miscasting of Wil Baldwin is one of many problems in this whodunit dressed up with steamy sex scenes.
October 27, 2016
Sliver is a completely wasted opportunity, taking a bunch of good actors and giving them bland dialogue to deliver and an uninteresting environment to exist in. The mystery is far from compelling, the screenplay is the worst combination of stupid and repetitive, it drags on interminably even after it's said everything it needs to say, and the ending is so jarring and abrupt that it feels like a giant middle finger from the filmmakers. Apparently, the heavy editing was imposed after poor test screenings, completely changing not only the progression of the film but its conclusion as well. It could have been better, but not much worse. Every actor has the earning-the-pay-check-and-nothing-more expression, and Sharon Stone is here simply to cash in on her recent Basic Instinct success, by doing more or less what made her so popular in that movie. It's boring, badly written, incompetently acted and frustratingly meaningless. Don't even bother.
½ May 10, 2016
It's a watchable erotic thriller movie.
April 18, 2016
Carly says "Get a life". That means a lot!
December 22, 2015
worst than i thought
½ October 18, 2015
This wasn't too bad, loads of sex scenes, good acting from its main cast. Sharon Stone is one of the hottest actresses of her era. This is what you can expect from a 90's movie. So for this being a good solid film, I give " Sliver" a C-.
½ April 8, 2015
A long expensive video for a UB40 song.
½ January 20, 2015
Carly Norris (Sharon Stone), a book editor, moves into an exclusive New York residential building, not long after the previous tenant, Naomi Singer, falls to her death from her balcony. In the apartment building, Carly meets two of her new neighbours, author Jack Lansford (Tom Berenger) who writes thriller novels and Zeke Hawkins (William Baldwin), a handsome and mysterious computer game developer, but also the secret owner of the apartment building. Carly and Zeke soon enough start meeting and subsequently they begin a sexual relationship. Carly is also being romantically pursued by Jack, whom she is a bit more unsure on. Two of Carly's neighbours suddenly die under suspicious circumstances and the police suspect that there is a serial killer in the apartment building. Carly is unaware that Zeke has secretly wired the apartment building with hidden cameras and he has been watching the lives of each tenant living in the apartment building including Carly. Carly begins to suspect that Zeke or Jack may be the serial killer responsible for the murders and she may be the killer's next victim...

"Sliver" was heavily panned by critics and the main criticisms were that the film provided little in the way of compelling thriller elements, that it diluted some of the plotlines of the novel, and that the actors were not on form. Many also singled out the editing and ending, calling the latter hasty and unconvincing. It was also nominated for seven Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actor (William Baldwin), Worst Actress (Sharon Stone), Worst Supporting Actor (Tom Berenger), Worst Supporting Actress (Colleen Camp) and Worst Screenplay, but failed to "win" any. When re-seeing "Sliver" it makes me think of a poor mans Brian De Palma thriller. It wants to be a De Palma film, but is nowhere near the heydays of the mentioned director. The plot is too thin (so much seems to be fillers), the dialogue campy, it lacks real suspense and the characters arenīt intriguing or for that matter interesting. Yes, the main topic of personal privacy, surveillance and the notion of someone playing Big Brother/Peeping Tom is there, but itīs just no very well handled by Phillip Noyce. The lovely Sharon Stone is ok, but sheīs been in better shape while both Baldwin and Berenger (I reckon one of his worst roles) are out of shape. The sex scenes are initially ok in my mind. I think the first sex scene between Stone and Baldwin has a touch of hotness to it, but then it goes pear shaped after that. The pillar scene is just over the top ridiculous. In the original ending Sharon Stone and the killer fly over a volcano when the killer suddenly confesses his crimes. He then veers the aircraft into the volcano as the end credits roll and leaves the audience to decide whether they survive. The preview audiences disliked this ending and we got "Get a life!" as the ending instead. Well... neither of them seems satisfying in my eyes, but I havenīt red Ira Levinīs book so I donīt know if he keeps things together and the volcano ending (if that is actually the ending in the book) works or not, but the ending in the movie just feels halfassed and rushed due to the preview audience.
December 28, 2014
Not recommended.
Failed attempt to reflect on the boundary between the private field of the public.
This movie is a Sharon Stone stop as "fatal attraction".

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½ August 10, 2014
One of the worst thrillers I ever seen. Lack of intrigue in story, chemistry DOA between William Baldwin and Sharon Stone and a howler of an ending that will question if this was written by a guy who has gone through puberty yet. Grade: F
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August 1, 2014
Yes, it's a dumb movie, but kind of fun in a tacky way. I saw it many years ago on VHS and felt like a rewatch.
It's still just as dumb today, and there's a lot of sex in it, way more than I remembered, maybe I watched a pg version originally, or I just forgot, not sure which. I actually bought it down half a star from my original rating because it relies too much on sex to lift a weak story line, but then again, 90's Sharon Stone, it's not like that's a shocker!
She's a watchable actress and quite pretty here. Ending is like a jolt, very abrupt, thought so the first time I saw it. She does have good chemistry with William Baldwin on screen.
As I previously stated, for a bit of 90's tack, you could pick worse, but it certainly does have it's faults, although the voyeur plot certainly is a little different.
July 23, 2014
I read the book in high school, think I remember it being pretty good
July 21, 2014
Perhaps if I had watched this movie twenty years ago I would have enjoyed it more. Today it is just slow story with very dated "advanced technology".
½ June 25, 2014
Do not go into this one looking for quality story construction, a good mystery, or suspense. The main selling point here is sex appeal of Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. A woman moves into a condo only to discover that the previous resident was a victim of a mysterious murder. Even more interesting the victim greatly resembles her. It is a promising setup where this vulnerable woman is instantly suspicious of everyone in her building and rightfully fears that she may be the next victim. Instead of using subtly, misdirection, and a dramatic process of elimination, the plot quickly derails. Anti-climatically the list of suspects instantly narrows down to two of the residents. It turns into a sticky story of observation and a dysfunctional love triangle. One of the suspects is a voyeur who watches every inch of every unit in the building through hidden cameras. This is the operative plot element, but it muddles everything. It would be better off sticking with a traditional who-done-it formula. A little steaminess is fine, but there needs to be substance to go with it. Not to ruin anything, but it also has a terrible ending that makes no sense.
June 3, 2014
Young publishing executive Carly Norris (Sharon Stone) takes an apartment in an exclusive "sliver" building in New York, only to learn that the previous tenant, who bore a great resemblance to Carly, died in a mysterious fall from the apartment balcony. When other tenants of the building begin to die likewise mysteriously, Carly begins to suspect that a killer may be inhabiting the building and that it may be either Zeke (William Baldwin), the voyeuristic building owner with whom she's become involved romantically, or Jack (Tom Berenger), a mystery writer with a suspicious quality.

also stars Polly Walker, Colleen Camp, Martin Landau, Amanda Foreman, CCH Pounder and Nina Foch.

directed by Phillip Noyce.
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February 23, 2014
Nice thriller if there is nothing else to watch.
½ November 4, 2013
I only ended up with Sliver because it came in a two-movie pack with Fatal Attraction, but then again Sharon Stone is a talented actress. And she has a boneriffic body so another chance to look at that is not one to miss in my books.

But Sliver makes that pretty debateable, because save from Sharon Stone's presence as an actress and a goddamn sexy woman, Sliver supplies little worth following.
For one thing, it has no interesting characters. It has an attractive book editor in a relationship in a guy who looks like a skinnier Alec Baldwin with a larger skull, but nobody worth caring about. I mean they're nothing interesting, and the story isn't worth telling. For some reason some guy videotaped all his tenants and some other guy murdered them, or maybe it was the same guy, I don't know and I don't care. Sliver gave me no reason to care or want to know why.
And whatever Sliver is supposed to be, a thriller or an erotic thriller or a joke, it only succeeds as a joke because its it even funny enough, or dramatic enough, or bad enough, to qualify as entertainment in any category, and its barely sexy enough for a Sharon Stone film, particularly one that is supposed to be an erotic thriller. It really barely emphasises Sharon Stone's good elements as an attractive woman or as an actress, and either way it just decreases her credibility as an actress unfortunately.
Phillip Noyce Really missed the ball on this one, because the ending is stupid, the story is stupid, the beginning is stupid. It's all stupid. The script is stupid, the characters are stupid, and the actors have to work with all that.
William Baldwin proves he is one of the lesser Baldwin brothers in Sliver, in terms of acting and in terms of picking a film to add to his credibility. Still, he did get to have a naked Sharon Stone ride him so you can't blame him. You can blame him for all the poor acting though.
And try as Tom Berenger might, dragged down by the lack of talent around him he fails to shine.
Sharon Stone is a lone bright spot here, and I'm not just saying that because she's an easy source of blood rushing to the penis. She downplays her sexual appeal to a point where her character is one that is innocent with a body unfathomed and unravished by the darkness she encounters. Her performance is actually ok and befitting to the character as well as benefitting to the film which is actually pretty challenging. She's just really a good cast member and a good presence in the film, and is as sexy as ever, even though its not her finest hour.

But still, Sliver doesn't have a story worth telling so I don't know why Phillip Noyce bothered trying. At least he got Sharon Stone on board, but that saves nothing.
September 22, 2013
FINALLY watched the Stone classic! BUT oh my god what was up with the dialogue? PLUS The ending!?!?!?! Gotta love the mention of Pearl Jam though and the UB40 'Falling in love with you' made it in there leaving it to be worthy of a 4 star from yours truly.
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